Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Meet and Greet - Angie Kelly Designs

Hi everyone! I wasn't sure whether I should write our initial "Meet and Greet" or whether we should introduce ourselves in our own postings so I thought I would break the ice and write the first one about Angie of Angie Kelly Designs.

I've admired Angie's work since I first visited her shop. She's a remarkably talented (and surprisingly self taught) jewelry artist. I say surprising because I'm the proud owner of a pair of her gorgeous earrings and her work is perfection.

I loved recently reading her profile again and was reminded how she first got into jewelry designing - nothing better than a purpose driven start. ;-) Angie had broken a beloved necklace and was determined to fix it. What started out as a desire not loose something precious quickly turned into a passion and not surprisingly her coworkers gobbled up her new creations. Angie's work evolved over the four years she's been designing through numerous classes, research and in her own words "practice, practice, practice".

I'm sure you'll all agree with me that Angie's use of colors, textures and designs are absolutely exquisite. From her selection of materials such as crystals and natural gem stones to her use of colored metals, Angie has an innate talent in jewelry arts that makes this designer say "I've got to have those".


Inspiration Avenue said...

Originally posted by Sweets 'N Greets: Hellooooooo Angie! heehee. You know I couldn't help it ;-)

This is wonderful, Sharon! Great job on writing it and putting it all together.

Angie, you ARE a fabulous jewelry artist and how you began is truly an inspiration :-D Big hugs Dude!

Inspiration Avenue said...

Originally posted by Coastal Sisters: Hi Angie!

I love all of your deisgns and especially the earrings on this post..so lovely!

It's so wonderful to have you on this new Etsy Team :)


Inspiration Avenue said...

Originally posted by Catherine: This is a lovely post about Angie, Sharon!

I've just visited your Etsy shop Angie. Such beautiful jewellery - so bright and colourful which I just love!! It reminds me of hot summer holidays in exotic locations!

Catherine x

Inspiration Avenue said...

Originally posted by Angie: Great piece - and what beautiful work!

Inspiration Avenue said...

Originally posted by Angie Kelly Designs: WOW!!! Sharon~ thank you SO SO much for such a lovely sweet write up. I'm blushing here! lol

Hi everyone! Its so nice to meet you all and thanks so much for the kind words. I'm very excited about this new team! Go us!! Whoot!! ♥

Inspiration Avenue said...

Originally posted by Sherry Smyth: Sharon, thanks for starting this off by introducing us to Angie. Angie, your work is beautiful and I love how you came to discover a skill, talent and love of an art form through wanting to save something that was precious to you. I believe that we all find our path in life by the experiences and sometimes random acts that happen. Which in fact, are probably not as "random" as we might like to think!

Inspiration Avenue said...

Originally posted by Mana Moon Studios: I've been a little m.i.a. today... sorry about that! What a great first welcome and what a fabulous team!! WHOOT!!

Gimme an I... "I"
Gimme an N... "N"
Gimme an...

Ah, you know the rest...
Goooooo Team!♥

Inspiration Avenue said...

Originally posted by Coastal Sisters: **STANDING BEHIND SHARON SHAKING MY POM POMS** **leg kick** (but not high, I am not that young anymore so I might pull something) *sheepish look*

Hope everyone had a great day :)


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