Saturday, August 1, 2009

"5 Degrees of Inspiration" Blog Party

We're delighted you could join us! Everything's all aglitter. There are flowers, balloons and streamers all around. Finger foods, cupcakes and summer fruit spritzers for your to enjoy. Come in and have some fun with us. See how you can win 1 of 2 fabulous giveaways.

Each of our team members were asked two questions, the first was "What inspires you most about our team" and the second was "Out of all the work you've done what piece of your own creation inspires you the most and why?" Let's go around the room and see what our team members shared for their responses...

"What inspires me about our team, first & foremost, is our team's name. What else could you need when you have such a distinctive name as 'Inspiration Avenue'. It could easily be a line in a John Lennon song... But apart from the name, which is what brought me here in the first place, I am inspired by our team members. When you have a group of supportive FRIENDS I believe the sky's the limit! Some members inspire me more with their works, some more with their personalities and friendships. I recently went through some hard times in my personal life, and still am, but part of what inspires me to continue my professional path and hold my head up high, is hte great support, love and care I have received from this amazing group of women!"
"I chose one of my first ever shot maternity photos as my inspiration photo. The reasoning is that this first photoshoot was the first time I found the niche I was comforable in within the photography world, and it was the first time I was actually inspired to build my own business!"

"The camaraderie! Hands down ... this is the most inspiring element I find is this group. Everyone is exceptionally supportive and totally positive about each other's work ... it's even made more apparent when there is a gently aggressive leader behind it all, who keeps everything going and everything and everyone together.

I think that an artist is often lonesome and lives in his/her own world. Lay people dont' necesarrily undertand artists. Maybe we're hyper sensitive ppl but at times when no one appreciates your work or understands you, it's quite difficult on the psyche. With a group like Inspiration Avenue ... like minds come together and support each other ... like a family. Sometimes even just a "hi" ... makes so much difference :) ... for me at least. :)"

"There are quite a few. But if I have to choose one ... it would be this art cabinet that I put together from scratch. I was looking frantically for a cabinet to house my supplies but couldn't find the right specifications. So I guess out of frustration, I told myself to make one! I really thought it would probably fall apart ... well it didn't.

I wanted just to leave it as it is but didn't like the imposing look it gave me each time I looked at it. So I added some "elvish" designs on it to soften it's look ... I am really inspired by LOTRs. I dun think people would understand why I would waste so many nights putting layers upon layers of texture paste on the doors of the ugly cabinet ... after all it has served it's purpose. But it satisfied me inside. Everytime I see the "elvish" designs on the door ... it sparks something in me and I am prompted to open it and start creating.

So if I have to choose, it willbe this monsterous, weird looking cabinet simply because it was one of my first projects and it got me started on what I'm doing now AND it's like a charm that keeps me going at my art. :) That's why I have a special connection with this little monster. :)"

"The thing that inspires me most about our team is the sense of the monumental caring we all have for each other and the support we give one another through our team. Whether it's a kind word, praise for a new creation, sharing a laugh or sharing a sorrow. I am so thankful that I am a part of this team."
"This piece inspires me because of my deep love for the sea and all the colors that the ocean water can be at any given time."

"What inspires me about being part of the IAE team is the sense of creativity, community and support. As well as being creatively inspired by everyone's individual artistic styles and passions, it's really been heart-warming to see how all members, new and old, have been supported and welcomed into the group. I always feel that whether I am celebrating a success or whether I am having a "fed-up" day, the girls are always there with me sharing the ups and downs, encouraging me and being my biggest cheerleaders!"
"this painting inspires me as I love using re-cycles bits and pieces in my work, and creating something new from things that already have a "history". I also love hearts!"

"When asked what inspires me most about the Inspiration Avenue Team it is our diversity. We come from places all over the world and what we do creatively is diversified as well. I enjoy seeing the many different perspectives represented in our team!"
"Currently, a reoccurring thought I am having (and I will probably address creativity in the near future) is about the Moon. All of the talk recently about the Moon has made me remember what it was like being a small child sitting in front of the television on a hot summer night, watching the first moon walk. Over the years, I have developed my own mythology about the moon and each time I see the full moon, I am inspired again!"

"The support, encouragement and friendship that everyone in our group offers one another is quite exceptional. I am hugely inspired and encouraged by the way we all laugh and celebrate our individual successes together, but equally, we all feel the hurt and sorrow when life dishes out the hard stuff. I feel immensely priviledged to be amongst such an amazing group!"
"I love these earrings because they are so bright and they catch the light beautifully. Murano glass and gemstones are such an intoxicating mix! I enjoy mixing colours to create something a little unusual."

"What inspires me about our Inspiration Avenue Etsy Team most is the members support of one another. Inspiration Avenue is fun to be a part of the diversity of handmade art and the rapport we have with one another. Someone is always looking to see where we can advertise our shops, team, etc. There is always someone keeping things fresh and exciting. I am proud and honored to be a part of Inspiration Avenue. Thanks ladies!"
"This is a custom wedding guest book I created for a bride-to-be. I love it because she gave me the colors and the feels she wanted and then I was given creative freedom to put it together. The bride wanted a victorian feel with turquoise, red, black and rhinestones. I enjoyed antiquing the cover and pages and combining elements to give it a regal feel."

"What inspires me most about our team... without question it is the beautiful people that it is comprised of. Not only are they extraordinarily talented in their own medium, they are some of the kindest, most compassionate women I've had the sincere honor of coming to know. They are selflessly supportive of one another and provide a tireless source of encouragement to each other. The on-line venue for artists is immense to say the least, and to have found such a treasure as Inspiration Avenue amongst the vastness of the internet is like finding the perfect home for the creative soul."

"One of my most treasured digital creations is the Starry Nights Digital Collage. I have many passions and interests and my art always reflects them. But this particular piece is full of elements that inspire me each and every day - things that I carry with me in thought to always move me forward in my life's journey. The endless sky of Stars reminds me that the Universe is full of lessons and gives if I remain open to it's teachings. The gates represent the entrance and exit in to each journey I will travel. The butterfly represents safe passage through my journeys on it's graceful wings. And on the wings of the butterfly are steadfast reminders to me that there is always an Angel to watch over me while my feet are planted on the earth and my dreams are reaching for the moon and stars. May we all have safe passage through our life's journeys and always listen to our dreams and wishes because they are the whispers of our authentic selves."

"Back in January when I was first searching for an Etsy team to join, I knew what I was looking for... I had a dream of a supportive and inspiring group of artists who all work with different mediums. Although I have tremendous admiration for my fellow jewelry artists, I possess a love for all things creative and artistic. Beyond this though I desired to be among friends; to find a place where I was always welcomed and appreciated, a place where I could lift others up and express my caring side. Through my journey I was unable to find such a team and so with the help of my very dear friends we created Inspiration Avenue.

In truth, the most inspiring aspect of our team is by far it's members. Each one it their own way helps to create the atmosphere we all cherish and appreciate so much. Whether it's a new creation it's a new creation presented for team members to view and comment on or the warmth of a caring comment - these members encompass every aspect of the dream I hold so dearly.

Inspiring each other can never be underestimated and holds a magic unto itself. It sparks our creativity, moves us emotionally and empowers us to rise above our lives, reaching higher for new goals both personally and professionally. Through our journey together some members have left but only because the demands of life were too pressing at the time. Those who have left have been touched by the same appreciation for our unique group and know that they will always be welcomed back with open arms. It truly is a wondrous journey on Inspiration Avenue and one I look forward to each and every day."
"This collection reminds me of how far we can come if we just hold tight to our dreams of doing what we love most despite the challenges. There have been many times I've thought of giving up and finding a "real" job again and yet I've pushed through and kept working harder toward my goals. Creating custom orders have never been easy for me; Will the customer like it? Will it turn out the way I'm hoping? These questions plague me, but taking the steps; accepting the order, working on the project, and staying in the moment allowing creativity to flow serve as a constant reminder that anything is possible in life if we just try."

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luthien said...

an absolutely superb write up!! love reading about and seeing everyone's inspirations. very very heartfelt and beautiful. and wow! everyone agrees in one way or another on the ONE thing that inspires us most in IA ... that is utterly awesome!!

sharon ... MUAX to you for staying up so late finishing this. it's 4pm in malaysia, which means it's 4am in US :)) thank you ... you are the best!! namaste ...

and NAMASTE to all of you!!
THE PARTY HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WrightStuff said...

Ooh I am so excited to be here at the party. I'm all dressed up in my finest inspirations. Come and find me...

Catherine said...

Wow Sharon!!! Thank you so much for all the immense effort and time you've poured into this event!! You must be utterly exhausted!! Thank you so much! You're wonderful!! xxx

laura evans/photography said...

gorgeous blog people ... inspiration avenue at it's best!

now i'm off to explore the various other blogs & walk away with some inspiration!

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

This is a wonderfully inspirational party! I wish I knew about it sooner, so I could participate. All of the talented and creative artists are very inspiring!

artangel said...

I'm feeling inspired and am enjoying the party already! Sharon thanks so much for the work you have put into this and for writing such a wonderful post! xxx

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Good Morning Sharon!
This is a great post and thank you so very much for working so hard and staying up so late making it perfect!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Blog Party Day!


Cutesie Clips said...

How fun! I've never been to a blog party before - I really enjoyed reading about everyone's inspiration. I really LOVED the earrings by Coral Seas - so beautiful and colorful!

Good luck with your party!

Coastal Sisters said...

Oh how beautifully written!! Thank you so much Sharon for putting together this wonerful post. I am just overjoyed and full of inspiration this morning from reading this post :)


teri said...

I'm actually inspired by reading all of this and browsing blogs to create a list of my own...

I loved reading your page.

Tali Schiffer-Oren said...

Sharon, this turned out great and indeed very inspiring!
Thank you so much!!

SharDon Exclusives said...

Thank you for welcoming all of us to join in! I had a good time thinking about "inspirations". Blesssings to all the team.

Mana Moon Studios said...

Woooosh! *sliding in gracefully*
Wow, sorry I'm late but I see you've all been having a wonderful time, so many delicious treats and goodies!!

I just can't say enough about all the delightfully inspirational things you've all said today and what an incredibly honor to be among such talented and loving ladies!!

I'm off to mingle more feeling utterly inspired by you all!!♥

threadsofmagique said...

What a wonderful, caring and inspiring team you have. Thank you so much for letting me join the blog party even though I'm not a member of the team and for leaving such lovely comments. I've really enjoyed reading all your great posts and finding lots of new inspiration. Keep up the wonderful work everyone.

Merily said...

I'm really loving that I get to read what inspires artists- your team is awesome for coming up with this idea, and letting everyone join in, not just team members. :D

And I want to add that I just LOVE Luthien's art cabinet!

Dawn said...

Oh Ladies!!! Wonderful posts! Is it any wonder why I love you all so much!♥ Sharon - AMAZING job for us as always - thank you so very much!

Yup - Inspiration Avenue at its very best... *Happy Sigh*.

Love and hugs,

Dawn xox♥

Leather Made Nice said...

You did a wonderful job on this blog post. Kudos!!

Anne ^i^

Valerie said...

i'm very touched by the team members' comaraderie at inspiration avenue: the fact that you have one another's support and like-mindedness to create makes you unique. thanks for sharing what inspire you.

all the best!

Inspiration Avenue said...

Just wanted to leave a little follow up to our party comments before we all head off to bed after a long and thoroughly enjoyable party day!...

Our comments will be open until 3am EST. After that any comments will not be counted for the giveaway ~ sorry!

We'll post a follow up announcing our lucky winners tomorrow!

Thanks so much to all of you who participated in the festivities and left comments today!♥

Salad for Breakfast said...

wow, that truly was an inspirational post. it's always fun to see what inspires so many different people. i'm going to check out the other blogs too!

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