Monday, October 12, 2009

Next Weeks Challenge - Pink

photo credit: Ernest Von Rosen
We have another week of creation and inspiration ahead of us, and just to get the ball rolling, and the creative juices flowing, here's next week's Weekly Challenge's word/color - PINK
I chose pink specifically now because we are in the month of October, which is the month to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. With this weekly challenge, Inspiration Ave. is Going Pink For October (*) and so could you!

Our challenge is open for anyone with a blog and is not limited to any specific medium. You can create a painting, make a piece of jewelry, build something, knit something, photograph something, anything you feel like. It should be a new creation, and you can even venture outside your comfort zone if you wish - whatever comes to mind, that gets you up and creating art, fits. As long as it relates to our word/color of course ;)

Submissions are due by Sunday 12:00noon EST. Simply post a photo and description of your creation on your blog and comment back on this post leaving a link back to your post. We'll put all the images of everyone's creations together and show off the final entries this Sunday around 5pm.

Simple, right? Now go create!

(*) Don't forget to stop by Pink For October to show your support


Mana Moon Studios said...

Can't wait to see what everyone creates this week - wonderful choice Tali, thanks!♥

Tali Schiffer said...

BTW, this was our 100th post!!!
Woot Woot :)

Mana Moon Studios said...

Wow! That's amazing, I hadn't realized we'd posted 100 already! Time sure does fly when you're inspired, whoot!

luthien said...

woohoo!! 100th post!! what a great milestone!!

WrightStuff said...

Here's to the next 100!

Am I first this week (as opposed to being late!)?

My pink card

Shelinwa said...

Hey there here is my entry and my 100 post!! cool eh

Magpie said...

Okay, this week I finally managed to enter something! Is this fun or what?!
Here is the link:

Chris said...

Here is my submission. I love these challenges. They push me not only to be creative, but to stay on deadline. And I've done it two weeks in a row. Miracle!

Mana Moon Studios said...

My submission is now up on my blog:

Thanks so much for this challenge Tali - it's was wonderful!

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