Thursday, January 21, 2010

Change the World Wednesday

We're giving a shout out to our own wonderful Cyndi of Reduce Footprints for her Change the World Wednesday. Living "green" is Cyndi's passion and through her blog she endeavors to spread the word and help the world one reader at a time.

This week Cyndi's goal is to help reduce waste by enlisting others to make a commitment and carry their own reusable mugs/glasses to their favorite coffee shops, fast food restaurants and convenience stores. It's a wonderful cause and certainly a way we can all chip in and help make this world a little cleaner.

So stop on over to Cyndi's blog, join in if you can, and if you participate your name will be included in next week's Honor Society on her blog... a great way to gain exposure AND help the planet at the same time, wow!


Small Footprints said...

WhooHoo ... thanks so much for the lovely mention! :)

When I first started blogging about the easy ways that we can walk a little gentler on the earth, I thought I would fighting an up-hill battle. But ... I was totally (and happily) wrong! There are a whole bunch of people who care ... like the members of this wonderful team. Isn't it great! And together ... with a lot of small actions ... we will make a difference!

Thanks, so much, for spreading the "green" word!

Plumrose Lane said...

Absolutely Cyndi, together we can make a difference, one little seed at a time. ;-)

artangel said...

I love that the little challenges are so easy to do, yet it feels like you're making a bit of a difference!

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