Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekly Challenge Results - "I Am"

Wowee!! I hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend :) and i can tell you, the entries for this week's "I" challenge are just FANTABULOUS!!! There were so many entries and I really had fun "seeking" them out and learning a little more about each of you. It's like playing "you've been tagged" ... only this one, you had to tell us something about yourself in visual :)

So here goes :)

Well ... I hope you enjoyed that :) Thank you ladies ... for such fabulous entries this week!


Plumrose Lane said...

Gee these are all SO creative and beautiful! What a wonderful challenge theme!

artangel said...

I'm sad I didn't have chance to make something for this - the theme was wonderful!

But it's fun to visit and see such a great variety of beautiful work!

priti.lisa said...

Fabulous Job, Luthie Baby!
And aren't we all fab?
I love them all :D

Magpie said...

Oh these are ALL fantastic!

I wish I had had time to enter something ~ such a great theme!!

Evil Edna said...

these are just wonderful, inspiring and awesome.EE

Charlie said...

wow these entries are so wonderful!
Wonderful job hosting Luthien!
I'm so sorry did not have a chance to do anything..with Easter going on.

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