Monday, May 10, 2010

Monthly Giveaway Winner - April

Ahhhh ... finally! after all the events and the excitement on IA, I have finally got the chance to draw the April Winner for this bookmark named Transformation

Drumrolls please !!!!

And the winner is
Peggy of Peggy's Mixed-up ART!!!
YAY!!! Congratulations!!

Peggy please email me your address at

thank you all for participating in April ... and now watch out for this week's new theme and new giveaway!!


peggy gatto said...

Happy monday to me!!!!
I never win in drawings!

Shelinwa said...

You go girl
Hi 5 in the air

Chris said...

Congratulations, Peggy!

Ann said...

Lucky Peggy, cool bookmark

Plumrose Lane said...

A big CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS to Peggy!♥

Magpie said...

Yaay, Lucky Peggy! Congratulations!!

PeggyR said...

From one Peggy to another...congratulations!

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