Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekly Challenge - "Fairy Tales"

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin...

Once upon a time an Avenue of Inspirational creatives held a challenge for they were sorely troubled in their Queendom by a terrifying dragon. This beast was intent on destroying everything in its path. The only thing that could appease it was to gaze upon beautifl pieces of art and listen to fine stories.

The ladies of the Avenue fed the dragon daily with their creative output but it became too much for them as its appetite for art grew and grew. Its lair was filled with paintings, fabrics, sculpture and woodcarvings and its scales adorned with sparkling jewellery. How could they keep up with demand let alone stop this creature? They held conference and called upon the wise ones of the land. At last they found the answer they sought. Why, they would turn to the citizens of Bloglandia itself.

Can you help us Citizens? Can you create a piece befitting a fairy tale? Will you save us from the dragon?

Simply scroll down to the post last week (lady with the pink hair) post your entries to this fairy tale challenge by 12 noon EST on Sunday 9th May and we'll find out!

Apologies for the flight of fancy there - got a bit carried away! Please do enter our weekly challenge. All forms of creative output accepted. Just post a link to your entry in the comments to the original post. Yes, this is the same challenge as last week - we're just extending the deadline by another week as we had our blog party this weekend. If you're late for the party... just check back to the weekend's posts or view the participants on the sidebar to your right.

Got to dash, there's a dragon breathing down my neck...


Shelinwa said...

AAAH that is awesome Lisa
Very Cool feel free to delete that one i posted real quick this morning
Does not do yours justice. Man you are gifted in writing WOW
You really make the reader feel that they are right there in the fairy tale.
Got my creative juices going now!!


Plumrose Lane said...

You're absolutely priceless Lisa!♥ Oh and a great challenge too! ;-)

Kelly Jeanette said...

I would love to participate this week. Here is my post...


See you guys later.

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