Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekly Challenge - "Community"

According to,
"The origin of the word community comes from
the Latin munus, which means gift, and cum,
which means together, among each other.
Community literally means to give among each other.
Community could be defined as a group of people
who share gifts which they provide to all."

moonandsundries buttons
In contemplating the challenge for this week,
my thoughts turned to the Thanksgiving holiday
that is creeping up on us in the U.S.

Whatever form the first Thanksgiving took,
there was a sense of community and thankfulness
present as they had their celebration.

So, my theme this week is all about
and specifically how it relates to

I'm thinking about

Farmers markets

Supporting local businesses, like
family-owned restaurants, instead of the big chains

And speaking of restaurants
I had to include it,
especially since Thanksgiving is coming!

What does Community mean to you?
It's nice if your creation has a relationship to food,
but just community alone is great too.

The photos I've used are all from Etsy shops,
so please click on the links and visit
these members of our own community!

I'll end this (already too long) post with
Cultures of All Lands

Have Fun!
See the rules for the weekly challenge in the
sidebar. All forms of creativity are welcomed!


Robin Norgren said...

I ADORE this topic! You could say it is my passion. Looking forward to what we share here this week.

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

WONDERFUL topic, Maggie.....and I may actually be able to get something in this week- YAY!

Becklee Cottage Designs said...

Love the idea and the pictures are great.

Small Footprints said...

I love this theme, Maggie! And ... I actually have something to share this week ... well, it's from my hubby's blog but since I don't do art on mine, I'll "borrow" from him (lol):

So here's how this picture relates to community. We recently saw an ad on Freecycle ( for hot peppers. We answered the ad and received these lovelies. But more than that, we met some real nice people and we decided to join forces ... we'll help in the garden and they'll give us produce. Since we live in an apartment, this is great on so many levels (food, exercise, etc.). We all get what we need. But here's the thing ... on Freecycle everything must be offered, free of charge ... and that seems to bring out a generosity in people and creates community. People give and help each other ... and the earth. Community!

Magpie said...

Yay! Cyndi, this is exactly the kind of thing I had in mind when I chose this theme! One thing leads to another and you!

Love that peppers photo ~ yum...did you pickle them?

Karen said...

What a lovely blog! Thank you so much for including my Community Buttons Set.

Community is such an important part of all of our lives! I'm so blessed to live in a place where the community celebrates the earth, agriculture, the arts, and each other ~♥~

Judy Goddard said...

OK, I love this topic, but I LOVE Alice's Restaurant!

I'll have my thinking cap on.

Magpie said...

Haha Judy, I was wondering if anyone would relate to that! It's just not Thanksgiving without listening to Alice's Restaurant!

artangel said...

Alice's Restaurant is a new one to me but love the theme! We're getting all warm ond fuzzy on IAE what with all this happiness and community spiritedness floating around :)

peggy gatto said...

This theme brought back some bitter sweet memories. It gives me a chance to advertise a wonderful fundraiser!
check it out and thanks!!!

Grannie Annie said...

Wonderful topic and something worth thinking picture is nothing without the entry is here:

Judy Goddard said...

♪♪Softly falls the light of day,
While our campfire fades away.
Silently each scout should ask:
"Have I done my daily task?
Have I kept my honor bright?
Can I guiltless sleep tonight?
Have I done and have I dared
Everything to be prepared?"♫

Here's mine!

priti.lisa said...

Every time you write a is a work of much thought, feeling and work went into this challenge...wonderful job, Maggie!

Tammy said...

Oooh I love this one. How fun and meaningful to us all. I am thinking....hmmm....

bluegiraffe said...

My digital collage is posted on my blog, here.

Judy Goddard said...

Wow! I really got this wrong! I'll have to be more careful when I read the challenges.


Shelinwa said...

Here is mine
A look into my life when Community is involved

dthaase said...

Here's my take on the prompt:

Robin Norgren said...

here's mine you guys! back online and playing a little catchup!

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Thanks for a fun challenge!

Bitzi said...

Finally found meaning for my little friends. I had to hustle on this challenge...time was unusually short this week. Great fun...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a thought provoking challenge that is close to my heart. Here is my entry for this week:

Thank you so very much, Magpie.

see you there! said...

My entry is up, getting in just under the wire this week.


Carola Bartz said...

Oh wow, you got me here! First I had no idea what to do, but when I sat down today it just spilled out of me. Sorry it is so long, and the photo was the only one I had... I just hope all of you enjoy it a bit! I did when I posted it!

Carola Bartz said...

I should have added mu URL...

EVA said...

Fascinating topic Maggie! There should be lots of interesting creations!

Here's mine

gemma said...

here is mine:

Magpie said...

Here's mine ~

IM GIRL said...


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