Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meet the team - Shelly Simpson

Welcome to the first in a series of posts where you get to meet the creative ladies behind Inspiration Avenue. First up we have the Queen of Photography Shelly from Bellingham WA  in the US of A!

Shelly Simpson has been a photographer for 8 years but only really started it taking 'seriously' a couple of years ago when she opened up her Etsy store and began offering her creations to the world. Let's find out more in her own words...
She is a receptionist in a nursing home and is going on her tenth year there.

Where you can find her

 As well as my Etsy shop, I have also sold my work at a few art shows. If you're local to Blaine, WA  then you check me out at The Winery this summer.  I also have had my cards in a consignment shop as well as a few gift shops.
 Her Etsy Shop:
I have been published in the Ferndale WA 2010 Calendar and then 3 other times in the city paper and one of my images was on the front of the city map. I've also been feature in Birds and Blooms online and been featured in our County Library. I would strongly advise anyone who dreams of seeing their work on display or in print to just go for it. Send your work off. Enter competitions, find out what magazines are after. What do you have to lose?

Inspiration and creation

 I love to capture something in my photography that is unique and odd and likewise I do not draw unless it comes to me. I love seeing the unusual in my pieces and pointing them out to my audience - the bits that normally pass you by. Capturing them in a photograph or drawing preserves the moment.

I love getting inspired and admiring the works of other artists and crafters. I can't say I have an exact favourite, but here are the links to a few of my current favourites.

I love the Blogger community and the Someday crafts blog, she features some of the neatest things on there.

 I get weird ideas from watching TV. I am very anti copying someone elses art but I will like get inspired by like a winter hat for example, then draw a character wearing one.

I've always been creative. My parents would get me a coloring book and I would color the image and then add the background and make the original basic picture into something else. However, I did not really draw much for a long time until I took the Art Heart and Healing class and that has been awesome I do about one image a day now.

What makes Shelly tick?

I am very laid back with my art and really just love doing it for fun. I like to sell and I do plan on marketing some of my new images this summer. Art is therapeutic and fun. I find such a relaxing feeling when I am drawing, painting or taking pictures.

Why should customers buy your art/creation (What is so special about handmade?)[Soft Break]I hope people find my images inspiring and think Oh I can bless so and so with this and it will make their day.

Latest work

My daughter and I have been doing wedding photography and are a good team. I tell people what to do and she takes the picture.

Before it was just photography, now I draw whimsey charectors all the time; I really got a lot out of  the Willowing course on Art, heart and Healing. Here are some of my favs:

At the moment I am just sitting back and seeing where life is going to take me. I have a couple of studio possibilities as my daughter love taking pics of people so we might have one around the corner as the one we had fell through.

We have been asked to do several weddings this summer so we shall see.

Hope you liked finding out more about me!
You can find more of me on my blog:


ChatElaine said...

Oh how lovely, putting the person behind the name into the spotlight how wonderful! We can meet on our blogs but we dont know much about each other and this is a great way to meet the very inspirational people behind the team.

I enjoyed reading about you and your work Shelly.

Elaine xx

luthien said...

that's such a nice post on Shel :) it'll be lovely for our IA frens to see the faces behind the names :) i for one spend lots of time visualizing how people that i've met on the net but never seen, look like :)

great post!

artangel said...

Great interview Shel!This was a wonderful idea, it is lovely to find out a bit more about each other and to see the face behind the shop! x

Magpie said...

I love this idea! What a great post on Shelly. I've known Shel for a year or more now through Inspiration Avenue, but I've found out some things I didn't know. I really enjoyed this!

Robin Norgren said...

This was so neat to get to you more Shelly. I love the idea that one day my daughter and I might collaborate artistically. AND I love the pic of the two of you-your proud mama glow comes through!

priti.lisa said...

What a fabulous interview! Great work! It is always fun to learn more about people we "know" Makes blogging much more friendly :)

gemma said...

This is great. How fun to get to know Shelly better. Way to go!

Kat W said...

I enjoyed learning about Shelley, about her creative work and inspiration. Thanks, Kat :-)

pat said...

So nice to "meet" you shel! You are blessed to be able to work so closely with your daughter! Best wishes to you in your joint endeavors.

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