Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meet the team - Artangel

Hello! I'm Angie, and I'm from Manchester, England (please do not adjust your monitor due to my spelling of colour and favourite!)

I live with my partner and our lovely teenage son. My etsy shop is artangel (as I am, of course, a little angel - ahem!) I create paintings and mixed media art on canvas, as well as hand-painted items for the home.

Whose art/craft do you really admire?
My taste in art is quite diverse; amongst many others I love Robert Rauschenberg, Klimt, Modigliani and Lucien Freud. I also love Ron Mueck's work. On etsy I have sooo many favourites, but some shops I admire often are windylanestudio, itsybitsyspill, and Kenjio
 Hand-painted wooden heart
Where else do you sell your creations? What do you find works best? 
I have a teeny shop on Folksy (a British site) and I also sell work through local galleries and art festivals. Online I have to say etsy is my favourite venue - I've found the traffic to be far better than other sites I have looked at and the commission rates are very low.
 5"x5" canvases
What art/craft supplies can’t you do without? Acrylic paints - red, teal, burnt umber, and I always have a ginormous tub of titanium white! My tiny almost-just-one-hair paintbrush (for detail!). Gorgeous papers and ephemera - anything old, aged, written on, rusted, torn, or otherwise past it's prime!
Has your work ever been published? Ooh my chance to boast! Yes, I have had some craft tutorials published in a UK craft magazine (above). They found me through etsy.

Have you always been creative or did you experience a more recent creative awakening?
Always - some of my earliest memories are art-related. When I was a little girl I spent hours on end drawing, and by the age of 12 I was selling portraits to my friends' parents! 

When my son was born I kind of put art on hold for a while - it was almost as if all my creative energy went into him instead - but I started painting again once he was at school. I didn't realise until I went back to art just how much I'd missed it.
 Key to my Heart - mixed media on canvas
How do you keep the ideas coming? Where do you go for inspiration?  
I don't think I actively look for inspiration - it seems to come from everything around me all the time. I get ideas from stories, a thrown away note lying on the road, museum visits, nature, collections and memories.Words also inspire me - sometimes I carry a title around in my head long before I paint the painting. I also keep an "ideas" notebook so I don't forget anything!
 Mini canvas and matching easel
What advice would you give to someone wanting to explore their creative side? In the words of the Nike ad - just do it! Choose any materials, colours and textures that naturally draw you. Don't get too hung up on the finished result, just get absorbed in what you're doing and have fun  - art is always best when there is an element of play.

What is so special about handmade?
Each piece carries a little bit of the artist's heart and soul.
 Laughing Buddha - acrylics on canvas
Do you find it hard to part with your art/creations? 
Sometimes I do become attached to a painting. I kind of wanted to keep this commission I did of a laughing Buddha, as it put me in such a great mood -  well, how could I paint a face like that and not feel cheerful! It is always exciting to think of my work on display in someone's home though; it's a wonderful privilege to be able to share my art. 

What exciting projects are working on at the moment? Right now I'm a bit snowed under with commissions. Whilst it's always great to have orders and I'm very grateful for them, I do have a list of just-for-me projects that I can't wait to get started on when I get chance! I'm planning some 3D altered art pieces, and I have some beeswax pellets that keep calling my name (I've wanted to try encaustic collage for ages) 

I'll also be adding a new line of personalised, hand-painted gift items to my etsy shop soon - personalised door signs, perpetual calendars, and possibly money boxes. Watch this space!
 Custom name wooden door sign
Wooden perpetual calendar


Rona Gregory said...

Ooooh Angie love love love the perpetual calendar...I remember you mentioning it and i forgot all about it! Lovin the name plaque too!

Ro xx

peggy gatto said...

wonderful and varied art creations!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Wonderful post...lovely to hear about your beautiful art and your creative spirit! Shine on!

WrightStuff said...

Us Brits need to stick together with our correct spellings!!

Wonderful to see your face and hear so much about you Ange!!

This series is really bringing the team to life and I hope all our readers are really enjoying it.

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Wow, Angie it was so nice to learn so much more about you! Of course you already know how much I admire your work;) and I loved the sneak peek to your upcoming projects- the perpetual calendar idea is WONDERFUL!

Magpie said...

Angie, it's great to get a peek at what makes you so wonderfully creative! I like that you've shown us some of your commission pieces ... I love the laughing Buddha!

Luthien said...

OOO... ANGIE!! what a beautiful picture of you :) i enjoyed reading that!

Quote LisaW:"Us Brits need to stick together with our correct spellings!!"
Luckily i am Malaysian ;) i can choose to spell whichever way i like :D


Tammy said...

Hi Angie,
I love this photograph of you. Your eyes are a beautiful color. The happy Buddha is a fun one. I think it is wonderful that you are snowed under with commissions right now. That means your work is highly desirable. I know I always enjoy it.

This was a great interview. It's nice to get to know our team members better.

Judy Goddard said...

How lovely to get to know you better!

Boy! Do I understand about the list of "things to do for me"! After the umpteen million orders are out the way I'll get to the umteen million of mine!

You are where I'd like to be. Congratulations!

Shelinwa said...

Oh Angie Very coolio to know a little more of your adventure of Life!!!

gemma said...

These profiles of the IA team are great. Enjoyed learning more about you Angie! Love your advice and words here.

Kat W said...

Great interview answers Angie! I love your philosophy and style.

I really enjoyed getting to know Angie further!

Kat X

priti.lisa said...

Oh Angie, I always knew you were a beautiful spirit, but I had no idea what a pretty face came with the package of you :) I am so happy for your success and I can't wait to see what you do with bee's wax...I wish I had a Laughing Buddah :D

IM GIRL said...

Really enjoyed your interview here and getting to know more about the artist behind artangel.


Robin Norgren said...

So lovely to get a "behind the scene" look at everyone. I ADORE acrylics paints too but my creations BOW DOWN to your magic!

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