Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekly Challenge *Poetry* Art Works!

I knew I would be in love with the works of art
this week...and BOY-HOWDY!
You did not disappoint.
Take a look...
and take a few minutes to leave a comment.

(she stole my heart with this one)

poetry IAandPPF Untitled



I stand upon this heather-covered hill
overlooking the city strip snaking below
lit up in electric glory
ablaze with taillights and neon signs
headlights and storefronts,
the surrounding hills dotted with
the warm glowing windows of homes.
A warm Summer breeze touches me
heavy with the scents from below
Chinese, Mexican, and burgers frying
gas fumes and asphalt mixes with
the sweet smell of the heather
the song of a city night
horns and thumping bass
faintly reaches me here on this hill.

Art Angel



I am sorry I am so late publishing this...
I was waiting for blogger to wake up.
Meet you here tomorrow
for this week's theme!


Kelly Jeanette Swift said...

Great entries this week! Beautiful artwork.

Amanda said...

Have not been able to participate myself for awhile but do stop by and see the fabulous entries. I am always so taken back by such beautiful art and wonderful postings. Bravo to all!!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Yay..these are all so fantastic and beautiful!! Gorgeous entries everyone!

Magpie said...

Such heartfelt and beautiful entries! Lisa, this was such a fabulous theme. I love them all.

Heather said...

oh wow, these are all so fun to peek at!

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