Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Meet and Greet for our newest team member, Dee

We have a lovely new team member here at Inspiration Avenue and her name is Dee. Please join us in welcoming Dee from New Jersey. Dee was sent to us by our team's creator, Sharon of Plumrose Lane. Dee is a card designer. Her etsy shop Designs From My Heart is full of pretty vintage inspired cards and hangtags. Dee has a personal blog of the same name where she hosts and participates in lots of blog hops. I believe we have a social butterfly in our midst.
Here are a couple more examples of her cards. She offers everything from Birthdays, holidays and Pet Sympathy cards. Check out her shop.
When we asked Dee to tell us a little about her work, this is what she had to say, "I create one of a kind altered art greeting cards. Made of high quality card stock and my photo's are printed on an artisan printer that is wonderful. I use photo paper and sometimes presentation paper to print my photo's on because the card stock can be too thick sometimes to print on".
When we asked what she likes most, she said," I love that I can create something that someone else likes just as much and will purchase the item. I also love the finished product since I have no idea of what kind of embellishments I am going to use for each item I create.
We asked Dee to tell us something unexpected about herself and this is what she shared, "I am a dog lover. My husband and I have adopted 6 dogs since 2004. We rescue them for 2 reasons, they are wonderful dogs with nothing wrong with them and if someone doesn't adopt them, they will be put down, just because there is no room left in the shelters, rescues and/or foster homes. I am married with 4 fur babies". So there you have it. We have a social butterfly with a big heart who makes beautiful cards for all ocassions. It's so nice to have you on our team, Dee. Welcome aboard!


Tammy said...

Please help us welcome Dee. I know you will be very happy with this team. We have a fabulous group of ladies who are warm and friendly. If you need anything just ask in the back room. Cheers!

Dee said...

Tammy thank you so much for a wonderful greeting to your fabulous team. I would like to thank Sharon owner of Plumrose Lane for sending me in your direction to participate in opportunities that you offer on the Inspiration Avenue blog.

I have to give thanks to Sharon for helping me with the design of both of those blogs. Sharon was wonderful to communicate with and shared with me the ins and outs of creating your blog correctly.

I also have a design team which is called Vintage Heartfelt Designs with 8 wonderfully talented ladies that create everything with paper. I have to say they are so dedicated to what they do on a daily basis. I never say that it is my DT it is our DT because without them I wouldn't have a DT. If you want to check out my DT blog you can find it at

I also have a new blog that I have created with the help of Sharon to post my cards in hopes of getting them on google and see what kind of traffic I get. If you would like to visit that site you can find it at

If any of you happen to stop by any of the blogs I would love it if you would become a follower.

I am very pleased to have the advantage of being on a great team and enjoy meeting all of you.


IM GIRL said...

Welcome Dee! So nice to have you. Anyone who rescues our little 4 legged angels has my heart. Welcome to our team and your cards are lovely!!


Hettienne said...

Welcome to the team Dee. We are looking forward to creating and sharing with you.

Magpie said...

Dee, you are so creative! I love your cards. Welcome to the team... I hope you will love it here!

And thank you for the love you show to the poor little homeless creatures! They deserve angels like you to give them a second chance.


Dee said...

You are all so very kind. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments. I love my dogs, they are my children since I don't have any human children, they are very spoiled, but they get so much love here and it takes a while for them to really feel like they are home because of the situations they have been used to for so long. Every dog that we have adopted has had a wonderful personality and I can't even imagine why people just let them run loose because they don't want them anymore, take them to a shelter, but shelters want money to have you surrender your pet. It is very sad, I donate money and food to our shelter, but I can't go back and see the pups because I would want to take them all home with me.

artangel said...

Welcome Dee! It's lovely to meet you and to find out a little more about you. It is very sad when people just lose interest in their pets, I think it's lovely that you've adopted so many furry waifs and strays!

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Welcome, WELCOME to our team Dee, I'm so sorry that I'm just now getting by. I LOVE your work and am so happy to have you joining us!

Dee said...

Thank you all for your wonderful warm welcomes, I truly do appreciate it. I am sorry to see that Tammy has left, but I can understand. So I hope you all have a happy holiday season and if there is something that I am suppose to do, please let me know since I am a new member and it is not a large group so that is very quaint. I am looking forward to moving forward with you all. Have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Dee:)

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