Monday, December 12, 2011

Art Challenge December 12


There are many days of celebration during the month of December. 
Some are religious holy days. Many of them celebrate the winter solstice.
Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Festivus,
or many others, the common thread is lighting the dark days of winter.


What better way to buoy our spirits during these too-short days
than with warm gatherings of friends and family?

The challenge this week is to take 
any of the words above for inspiration
(or come up with your own) 
and create something festive.

What do holiday gatherings mean to you?
How do you keep your spirits up when the stresses of the season
make you feel like doing anything but celebrating?

Any kind of creation whether it is digital, painted, fiber art,
jewelry, cards or tags, photography, assemblage,
or anything else, is welcome.

(Our friends in the Southern hemisphere will have 
a little extra challenge to imagine the days are short and dark 
even though you are going into high summer!
So sorry to make you work harder, but of course we are envious too :)

So, Happy Creating, and we will gather the results on 
Sunday the 18th to display in our little gallery!


A note about our weekly challenge during the 
two weeks of Christmas and New Year:

The Christmas challenge will be a two-week challenge
(December 19 - January 1)
so we hope it will give you plenty of time during 
the busy days to continue to play with us. 
Stay tuned for the topic . . . I think it will be a fun one! 

We will be playing with Mr. Linky during those two weeks,
so you will leave the info for your entry via the Mr. Linky method
which many of you have done on other blogs already.
There will be another post to explain everything, so don't worry!

And this will only be for the weeks of December 19-January 1,
after which we will go back to posting the normal way,
i.e. leaving a comment and having your entry posted
in our results gallery the following Sunday.

So stay tuned for more info on that, and remember that
today's challenge will take place the normal way!


Hettienne said...

a lovely post Maggie. I feel inspired although I am sitting here in bright sunlight and it is already evening :D

Shelinwa said...

Oh what fun LOVE IT MAGGIE!!!

peggy gatto said...

Well, I love to be festive!!!
I am sharing a family tradition!
Merry, happy, safe holly days to all!!!!

Grannie Annie said...

Fantastic fun challenge...Merry Christmas everyone...

Yogi said...

Here's my entry. Thanks for looking
Have a great day

IM GIRL said...

Here I come, ready or not!

Thanks for looking and a wonderful post for the Challenge Maggie!

Dee said...

Hi ladies, I wanted to let you know that my blogs are now up and running in perfect condition. I have no idea what was going on but it had something to do with blogger. I tried to get onto the site I have it saved in my google toolbar but it wouldn't let me in telling me I wasn't a member. So I don't know if there is something wrong there or not. I sent Sharon an email to let you all know that I was having problems and to see if someone could contact me. So anyway I am back. I hope you all had a great week so far and a better Thursday and Friday. I will be back online shortly. Have a wonderful evening, Dee:)

Dee said...

I am very festive through the holiday season. I love seeing all of the homes decorated with their traditions and share with everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. Hugs, Dee:)

WrightStuff said...

I'm getting ready for an upcoming party - so that provided my inspiration this week.

Grannie Annie said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful hands holding lights I used them on another picture just above my "Festive" post.

VonnyK said...

Not my best effort but here it is anyway.

Have a great Christmas.

Marcia said...

Here's mine!

see you there! said...

I finally made it to another challenge. My festive piece is up on my blog today.

Joy of the Season to everyone.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sadly, my computer is now down, and I am at my friend Scott's sending this.

Here is my entry for the week:

Terrie said...

Festive - a word filled with happiness, with joy and anticipation. Can't wait to visit and see everyone's festivities!
My festive is:

Lesley said...

Okay....The Wright Stuff wanted me to post my Fun, Festive Snow Globes/Mini Jar Cloches on this challenge. So here goes...

Michelle V. Alkerton said...

I wasn't feeling very festive until I saw the way the garland on the railing caught the light. Here's a look at the sparkle that captivated my attention :).
Stay inspired!

priti.lisa said...

An inspired theme Maggie, but I don't think I'll make less thing for you to post. You know me, we don't do Christmas-y here.
But I did want to take a picture of my neighbor's display...only, it is 1:30am, now that I thought of it and the lights are out.
I think this old scrooge might dig out the vintage tinsel tree...
I want to be festive all of the sudden!

Evil Edna said...

Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to all. Here is my entry

I choose family and 3 wise men.EE

Magpie said...

Here's mine...almost didn't make it!

Bella~Rose said...

my entry.

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