Monday, March 28, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

Self Portrait
Salvador Dali
Okay ~ this week may prove to be quite a challenge
for some of us; I know it will be for me. 
How many of you have ever done a self portrait?

Many artists have used themselves as willing subjects. 
After all, who is always available when you are ready to create?
Mary Cassatt
Think about how best to represent yourself...
it doesn't have to be a realistic portrait.
It can just say "you" in some way, in any medium.

Artists have always painted themselves...some, over and over again. 
I've included a few to inspire you. 
Andy Warhol
 I've noticed that many artists have chosen to 
represent the truth rather than flatter themselves. 
Not all self portraits are pretty pictures!

Vincent Van Gogh
Frida Kahlo
Pablo Picasso
Could be an opportunity to use photography as your medium
Yul Brynner was not only an actor, but an accomplished photographer
 So how would you choose to depict yourself?
Post a link here to your self portrait
by Sunday, April 3 at noon eastern time.

As always, "how to enter" is in the right sidebar >>>>>>>

Get creative, and show us something that is uniquely "you"!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekly Challenge at Inspiration Avenue: "Hello Spring..."

Since Spring has officially sprung, at least according to the calendar :) I believe this week's theme HAS to center on Spring!  Which of course has a myriad of possibilities.
When I think of Spring, lots of things come to mind;

"Glamorous" by ColorfulPixelsByLife


"Daffy Down Dilly" by Flying Colors


"B is for Bunting" by The Painted Sky

"Nest" by My Vintage Whimsies
Soft Spring Colors......
"Row of Thread" by Amelia Kay Photography

"Out of Focus" by Madden Photography
Beads & Digital Collage Sheet by KitBiju

And much, much more!
As usual, the sky's the limit- anything that makes you think of Spring is allowed!
The rules are in the right sidebar >>>>>
We love to see any artistic medium!
Just leave a link to your entry (on your blog)
by Sunday at noon when we will collect and display
all of the entries
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