Sunday, January 15, 2012

Art Challenge Results January 9

Paper Doll Gallery
This is the most awesome collection of whimsical paper dolls!

But before we get to the Gallery...
there is an announcement to make!
(drum roll please...
Starting with this challenge,
we've decided to honor the talented people
who play with us each week by selecting a
Showcase Winner from each challenge.

The winner will be featured in our Red Carpet Gallery.
<<<(click the link in the left sidebar to go there)
The weekly winners will be displayed for that month.
At month's end, a monthly winner will be selected from
those entries and will be on display 
in the Red Carpet Gallery for the year!
(As is the case with the bi-monthly giveaways,
Inspiration Avenue members are not eligible.)

Now on to the Paper Doll Gallery!


A tough, tough decision...

the winner this week is
For the use of color, materials, and an awesome background!
That red really pops!


peggy gatto said...

what a fun surprise to see these all together!!!

bluegiraffe (Sherry) said...

Thank you so much! I'm so pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed creating this digital paper doll piece!
Sherry P

IM GIRL said...

Here is my late entry:

I didn't get a chance to make what I wanted for the challenge. This week at work was the first week at the University and I work in the Financial Aid office so it was a late night every night. This was a recently made challenge and I thought it was fit so I apologize the late entry.
Going to check out the other Beautiful Dolls!


bohemiannie! art said...

They are all so wonderful! I really had wanted to participate...but here we are! Maybe next challenge!

Shelinwa said...

WOW these are great this week AWESOME AT ITS FINEST!! What fun we have here. I try to get to visit everyones blogs but if I am unable please know you are all awesome!!!

Georgie Horn said...

wow this are terrific! I have a huge giveaway going on at my blog

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