Sunday, February 19, 2012


Diva :  the word seems to evoke so many different images for all you artists!  and many revolted against the stereotyping of the word!  And to that I say 'YES'!  Prima Donna, the number one woman, in Latin and Italian and here they are, the number one women as identified, created and loved by you!!

ARTic Blonde Creations

Peggy Gatto

Life ... The Vivere

Bluegiraffe (Sherry)

Misplaced Mermaids


Titbelsouer toute seule

Maggie of The Magpie's Nest

The Whimsey Asylum

Kova Matkalta

Michelle V Alkerton

Kim from Imgirl

Donna's Drawings

Bluebeard and Elizabeth


Falling Ladies

Crafty Moose


The Bella Rose


Pics by Shel

Hettienne from Her Grace

Listening to the squeek inside

And so, this week taking a walk on the Red Carpet ........


p.s.  and remember to grab your Red Carpet Badge!!


Deann (Grannie Annie)
of The Whimsey Asylum


Shelinwa said...

Wonderful Collection I love them all!!

Hettienne said...

it is always almost impossible to choose a winner!

peggy gatto said...

these are all so diva-ine!!!!!!!

Diane ~ said...

wow what a fabulous & awesome collection! love it! & congrats to all amazing artists!

WrightStuff said...

These are all so beautiful - so sorry I missed this week; time got the better of me!

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