Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meet & Greet For Diane Rank

She is a joyful, lovely woman who is multi-talented and I'm thrilled to count her as one of my new artistic friends. She hails from Graniteville Vermont, a lovely state to call home. We're so glad to have a new member in our ranks.

Let me wax poetic about this multi-talented lady. She paints spectacular pieces of art using several mediums like watercolor, soft pastels, ink etc. She also has started making mixed media dimensional pieces and says she loves it but it sure is messy. Here's what she says about how art makes her feel.

"The desire to create comes from within & has always been with me. I love the excitement when watercolors collide on the paper in unexpected ways as well as  the gentle transparencies of the medium.  I love working in soft pastels as it gets my fingers involved & the bold strokes of pure color! I (also) love the strength of lino block printing

Over the years my feelings about art have changed a bit. Before I used to paint what I saw. But I’ve had a change of philosophy about it. I believe art is seen & felt with the heart. I paint what I feel, what moves me about the subject. I use color & exaggerated movement to express emotion.  I guess the best example of this could be seen in my fiddlehead & ferns."

Celebrating FiddleheadsWhimsical Tribal Fern
Didn't I tell you she was talented? I have two favorite pieces of her paintings, I'm coveting them, they're so darn good! Diane naturally has a balance to her work and her artistic eye simplifies her subject enough so that the viewer doesn't get tired from all the detail. She captures her subject by winnowing out the most important information and presenting it artistically. Just Beautiful...

Vermont Birch Autumn LandscapeSassy Sunflower
Here are some more examples of her amazing art:

Nova Scotia
Wait Expectantly
Abstract Landscape
Mystical Cathedral

Diane's Etsy Shop & Blog Buttons
Dianne's Etsy Shop ButtonThe Expressive Palette Blog Button
Amazingly enough, this woman also had a jewelry shop where she produced some beautiful pieces. See??! Multi-talented! She still has some of her pieces left, look at the awesomeness. She writes that although she liked making jewelry, her heart really wanted to paint. So now she's following her heart. I guess this proves that artistic talent will find it's way out of the artist, even if the medium isn't where her true joy lies. Creative talent is in everything an artist touches and Diane Rank is proof of this fact. Here are a few of her jewelry pieces. I'm in love, lol. It makes me wish I weren't the typical "starving artist" because I'd be all over these pieces! (I think my favorite is the turquoise bracelet, although the sterling earrings are amazing too and silver is my goto metal. If I could get away with wearing copper without looking like death warmed over the fern would be my pick. Really beautiful, and with the paintings under glass you get a piece of her art along with jewelry, two in one! Such a deal.)

Fern & FiddleheadFiligree & FernStarry Night Inspired
Periwinkle BraceletSterling Turquoise EarringsDreaming Of Spring
The jewelry shop that she has on Etsy is closing as Diane is concentrating on painting. Her Jewelry Shop is having a closing out sale so I'd rush over and grab a few excellent pieces, then go haunt her new Art Shop. Who wouldn't want some of Diane's creations?
Please join us in officially welcoming Diane to Inspiration Avenue!


Jennifer McLean said...

Hope you like how I described you, Dianne. It was such fun being your mentor into the group! Welcome, welcome, welcome!!
Jenn of
(IA Member)

Small Footprints said...

Wow ... so talented! I adore her paintings ... they have such a nice 'feel' to them. :-)

Fabulous introduction!!

priti.lisa said...

Beautifully written Jenn...I feel as if I know her!
Dianne, your art blows me away, so happy to have your energy here.

Hettienne said...

Diane, your work is absolutely beautiful and inspirational!! We are so happy to have you as a member of this team - everyone will be touched your heart which is so visible in your art - oops! that rhymes!

Magpie said...

Welcome to Inspiration Avenue, Diane! We're so happy to have your talent and inspiration here! Your art is wonderful...I love your jewelry too.

Jenn, this is a fantastic introduction to our newest member :)

Sagittarian said...

Great sharing Dianne, you're such a great one..:) Thank you for sharing us here.. Thanks a bunch Hettienne for featuring Dianne..:)

Thanks too for visiting and following my blog..:) God bless us all..:)

Diane ~ said...

Oh you all are so wonderful!! A big Thank You & a big hug to Jenn for being a wonderful mentor and for such a flattering & enthusiastic intro!
And thank you to all of you here at IA! You have given me a very warm welcome & have made me feel a true part of this fabulous team!
May we continue to grow together artistically & in friendship for many years to come!
Blessings & Hugs!! :)

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