Monday, March 12, 2012

"Vintage Photography" Lights Camera Action is this weeks challenge

In the vintage mind set put yourself back in time...
When pop was a nickel
family time was sitting around a radio
It was safe to stay out late at night
Mom said "Change into your play clothes"
Can we go to the five and dime store?
"I called the doctor, he is on his way."

Painters pull up a fresh canvas
Photographers put that strap over your head
Sketchers turn the page to a fresh page & draw

I know it will all be exquisite!
Because you are all exquisite!

Source Daughter Photography

Source (Daughter photography and cameras)

Source Daughter's Photography
and camera collection

I hope I have given you a few ideas
As many of you know Photography is one on my passions I share with my daughter.


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abby j said...

Thanks for this fun challenge. I want to do another that's more personal... from an actual old family photo. Can't find my box of old photos at the moment!!


Diane ~ said...

i really enjoyed this challenge Shel! great idea!! :D thanks bunches for hosting this weeks challenge for us!

abby j said...

Found my old family photos...did a quick walk down memory lane with all vintage family photos.
They're on my blog:

I hope you'll walk with me...

Claire said...

well, i've tried... but WHAT a challenge!!
another challenge is to figure out Linky... don't know what i'm doing wrong, but i can never get my pic icon to upload...
great challenge though :)

Claire said...

oh! you can ignore the end of my previous comment - it DID upload! i guess i was just too impatient :) xx

Jennifer McLean said...

Love all the submissions Shel, great theme, it was the first time I digitally manipulated a photo of my work! Thanks for the inspiration.

IMGIRL said...

Thanks Shel for the fun challenge!
I made it on time, that is huge for me these days AND I made the playroom today over at Jenn's house!

I hope everyone had a lovely Green


kirstin mcculloch said...

I had such fun with this prompt! Great choice!

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