Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekly Challenge Results

You've Got Mail! was a resounding success, I loved all the artwork submitted for my theme, thank you to all the participants! Let me show you all the lovely pieces. Then, at the end I'll reveal my choice as the winner of my challenge. That lucky person gets added to our Red Carpet Gallery and has the privilege of scooping up our "I Was A Showcase Winner!" Badge in the Right sidebar. Just copy and paste it into your blog to tell all your readers that your artwork won on Inspiration Avenue!

Here's my submission (below), I used archival ink and watercolor pencils to make this piece.It was so much fun to draw, I totally enjoyed myself and discovered a new skill. I didn't know I could do this drawing style. 

(Please click on the text below each piece of art to go to the artist's blog.)

Title: "You've Got Mail!"
Artist: Jennifer McLean (member)
BlogJust Add Water Silly

Here are all the other participant's artwork 
(Please click through to their blog and leave a comment, exalting their artistic brilliance!)

Artist: Yvonne
Blog: Artic Blonde Creations
Yvonne was the first to add her link to the linky tool, she even beat me! Hehehe. I'm so thrilled to see her stellar piece of collage art, the balance is perfect and all the stamps etc are so regal looking. I also love the script peaking out from behind the barren tree. Just Beautiful Yvonne, thank you for submitting.

Artist: Marcia
Blog: Dabblings
Marcia has shared with us a HUGE collection of collage art that she traded over the years with many other artists throughout the world. What a lovely collection, I'd love to just riffle through the whole collection and burry myself in wonderful art. Thank you, Marcia for sharing your collection!

Artist: Hazel
Blog: My Crafty Outlook
Isn't this just a stunning submission? I absolutely love the more subtle color story here. Sepia is probably one of my very favorite color groups and I love the take off using parchment, sepia, oranges and browns as the main colors. A terrific display, Hazel, thank you very much for your artwork submission!

Artist: Peggy Gatto
Blog: Peggy's Mixed-Up Art!
Oh I love this piece! It's so colorful and bold with the pink background and the thick lines of the "Return To Sender" stamp. I can understand what all those young women saw in Elvis so many years ago, my mom included, lol. So well done Peggy, thanks so much for your participation. It's appreciated.

Artist: Deann
Blog: The Whimsey Asylum
Deann did a wonderful job of making me want to riffle through those letter boxes and read that mail! (I don't think the recipients would mind, do you?? (although that little girl looks like she's a tattle tale and I'd get in trouble! Hehehe. I especially love the addition of detail like the coffee rings and the string around the package in the bottom cubbie. You can even see dust on the shelves!! I'm assuming that this is digitally rendered, and so well, I must say. Love it. I am seriously in delusional if I think I'm going to be able to pick a Red Carpet Winner Easy Peasy. Dang, I'm gonna be in trouble here. ;o)

Artist: Anne
Blog: Kuvia Matkalta
The colors in this piece are so relaxing and I just love the idea of the slow movement of the snails around the muted page. They move so slowly that a little wood nymph can sit and contemplate her future. What a lovely, soft collage. Thank you, Anne, for participating in my Mail Art challenge this week, the challenge would be less without your submission.

Title: "From My Heart To Yours"
Artist: Diane Rank (member)
Blog: The Expressive Palette
Diane, this is really fantastic! Let me say, the other submitters are lucky that members if IA cannot win the red carpet because you, girl, would be a hot contender! I absolutely love the coloration and the repetitive hearts. It really feels so well formed. The paint and collage flow together perfectly. Thanks so much for submitting, I love the support. :o)

Artist: Lou Anne
Blog: Misplaced Mermaid
I read Lou Anne's lovely explanation of her extraordinary collage and got all misty. Remembering all the sweet birthday cards I received from my Grandmother every year, with a two dollar bill inside made me feel nostalgic. I wish we still sent mail but it's becoming more and more difficult. In Canada they've eliminated thousands of the mail boxes that used to be scattered around the city, the price of just one stamp is prohibitive especially if you add the "newer" rules about the thickness of a letter. Now you cannot stuff a letter full of lovely fun things without paying much more to send it. Your collage, Lou Anne, is beautiful and melancholy, I think that's just what you were striving for. Thank you for the lovely memories and your submission.

Artist: Debbie
Blog: Crafty Moose Crafts
This is our first totally CUTE submission. I love the humorousness of the little letters running helter-skelter, looking for their mailbox. Debbie describes that one day this week a new mail employee delivered the mail to all the wrong houses. Haven't we all had that experience? We're standing at our own little mailbox, a handful of bills, adverts and ephemera when we come across our neighbor's letters. What? I'm not Mattie Heemskerk! LOL. This drawing says it all, with all the confused little letters trying valiantly to get to their appointed mailbox. If only letters would deliver themselves! Thank you, Debbie, for your sweet ATC submission, I love it.

(Front of Letter)
(Back of Letter)
Artist: Bluebeard & Elizabeth
Blog: Altered Book Lover
This is such an original and sweet idea! Bluebeard & Elizabeth sent us at IA a virtual letter! I love this idea. I also absolutely love the color combination of this collage. The magenta heart especially really stands out against the yellow/orange of the background. I'm not a collage artist but by reading B & E's blog post I sure can see the pull to do it! You get to keep all those little pieces of stuff that normally you're "supposed" to throw away. I find many times that a wrapper of some candy is especially beautiful and I wish I had a way of keeping it. If I created collages I'd have an excuse to keep all those lovely bits & pieces. Thank you Bluebeard & Elizabeth for your wonderful submission, I feel sunnier just looking at it!

Title: "Par Avion"
Artist: Maggie Nemetz (member)
Blog: Magpie's Nest
I totally LOVE Maggie's collage piece. She kindly showed us on her blog the steps she took to get to the finished product. I especially love both the colors and the stamps. The pairing of pink and oranges really helps bring out the beauty of each color. The stamps are just so whimsical! And I just noticed the winged envelope, sooo cute, Maggie. Once again, all the players this week are lucky that I cannot pick a member's piece!

Title: "All I Want For Christmas"
Artist: Donna Letterese
Blog: Craftydvl
This is quite a striking piece. I love drawings and paintings that make you think. This one begs the question... "I wonder what's in the letter?". The woman looks so chagrinned, it makes you feel sad for her, especially with the juxtaposition of the happy couple in the background. One wonders if they're discussing their wedding so it makes you feel even worse for the older woman. Maybe it's an old love letter, "the one that got away", how sad. LOL, I LOVE this game! You're a terrific illustrator and artist, Donna. Thanks so much for your very interesting and talent laden submission.

Artist: Tracey Fletcher King
Blog: TraceyFletcherKing
I absolutely love the saturation of color in Tracey's drawing! Of course, she draws like an expert, the hand and pens make you sure something awesome is about to be written. The bold mail box reminds me of the old Canadian mailboxes that I used to be afraid of as a child. I was always afraid that it would bite off my hand. I remember putting the mail in and always checking again to make sure the mail slid into the bin. Thank you Tracey for coming back to Inspiration Avenue after a hiatus of sharing. I appreciate your fantastic submission.

Artist: Terrie
Blog: Creative Explorer
This piece makes me feel so nostalgic for the old days when I was a little girl in pigtails and short dresses (I refused to wear pants until I was like 12!). My mom would go to the post office with a box wrapped in brown paper and tied with string. She used a huge sharpie pen to add the address to each side of the box, just in case the wrong side ended up on the "UP" side. I loved the look of those packages. My favorite time was when they came for ME on my birthday or Christmas. You got to rip open the brown paper to find the prettily wrapped present inside. I love going to post offices in old towns that look like this. Thank you, Terrie, for the lovely memories, your digital submission is wonderful. Thank you also for participating in my challenge.

Artist: Susan
Blog: My Writings-Ariel
You captured perfectly the stamps at the bottom! Since I love all things paper & pen related it's not surprising that I absolutely love stamps. It combines my love of paper ephemera and artwork. If I were a philatelist I'd collect only the really pretty ones, like the ones seen here. What a great idea though, to draw/paint pretty stamps. I'll have to put that on my TODO list. This is such a pretty submission, the tall decorative tea pot is so unique and colorful, I just love it. The whole composition is wonderful, Ariel. Thank you for your submission.

Title: "You've Got Mail"
Artist: Kirstin McCulloch
Blog: Listening To The Squeek Inside
This is such a sweet and fun submission, Kirstin! Kirstin admits to being a mail junkie, she used to write away for magazines and to fan clubs etc. so her mail box would be full. I think many of us did the same! We all love seeing our name on any piece of mail, even if it's a bill. It's validating in a way that we exist and someone needs to contact us urgently enough to put a stamp on an envelope and mail it! Your painting, the figure, which I'm assuming is you, looks so expectant... "I wonder what the letter says"... Such a sweet submission, thanks so much for playing Kirstin, it's appreciated.

Artist: Emily
Blog: Everything Good...
This is right in my wheelhouse, I love airmail envelopes, as you can see by my piece. There's something about the blue and red marks around the envelope that makes it look so festive and special. I love the little extra bow added to this drawing, it's so cute! Thank you Emily for participating in my Challenge.

Artist: Angie
Blog: Artangel
This is a wonderfully unique take on my mail theme, I love all the little envelopes with different kinds and shapes of letters popping out! It's like an art installation. So creatively done, Angie. I especially like the two opposite one another, the vellum envelope & heart with the black paper and white writing & the one kitty corner to it that looks like a shirt sleeve with a butterfly message about to flutter to it's appointed destination. These are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity, Angie.

Title: "Spring, Bring It On"
Artist: Shelly Simpson (member)
Blog: Pics By Shel
Shel, what can I say but wow. I love your submission. It screams Spring. The 45 looks so great juxtaposed against the soft flowers. I love the color, composition and totally concur with the TITLE. I sure hope mother nature listens to our pleas for a sooner rather than later Spring. I'm totally ready! 
...And with our last submission, I call this "You've Got Mail" challenge officially closed! Once again, thank you to everyone who participated in my highly successful first challenge. I can't believe I received 19 submissions (not including mine, lol). This was more fun than a barrel of monkeys, every day checking to see if anyone had put up a piece of art. It actually felt much like going to get the mail, with hope in my heart for some lovely piece just for my eyes!

And now for the RED CARPET ANNOUNCEMENT of the "You've Got Mail" challenge winner! How to choose? Well, first, let me pick my top three favorites (all of you are winners in my eyes, the submissions this week are the best ever, in my biased yet humble opinion)

My top three four (excluding IA members who are ineligible, sorry girls!) are...
( random order)
  1. Deann of The Whimsey Asylum for the incredible balance & realism she achieved in her piece.
  2. Lou Anne of Misplaced Mermaid for the wonderful sentiment illicited from her collage.

  3. Tracey Fletcher King of TraceyFletcherKing for her wonderful drawing, I just love the bold use of color.
  4. Angie of Artangel for her totally unique take on my challenge parameters.
The winner of our coveted "I Was A Showcase Winner!" blog badge & the person who has the privilege of walking down our Red Carpet is... 


(Although it was a difficult choice, I just had to pick Tracey's drawing for all the reasons I liked it the first time I saw it.)

Your piece of art, name and blog link will be added to The Red Carpet Gallery very soon. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, you deserve it!


Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

Noemally I am trudging my way kicking and screaming into Monday Morning.... but not today.... today I am skipping along with a song in my heart and a smile from ear to ear.... thanks so much for declaring me the winner , especially as there were so many great entries this week... so excited... going to wear a fairy crown all day in celebration I think!!!

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

Normally not noemally.... see how excited I am!!!!

artangel said...

This was such a pleasure to browse through, and your insightful and interesting comments on each piece were a joy to read Jenn :)

Great theme and great work everyone - I'm delighted to have made the shortlist but Tracey's piece is a very worthy winner :) x

bratz biz team said...

Three cheers for Tracey...your artwork is always great!
What a great way to start the week!

Magpie said...

Congratulations, Tracey! I am picturing you in your fairy crown!

IMGIRL said...


I didn't make the challenge on time, but mail is usually delivered late isn't it? Here is mine if you would like to take a peek! :)

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