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FOLIAGE Challenge Results

Thank you so much to those of you who participated in my challenge this week. It was such fun to make up and then watch your submissions come pouring in. The theme challenge this week was FOLIAGE and I told all of you to interpret it however you wanted, and you DID. I didn't just get paintings of leaves, although I do love those, I got so many different submissions, you're all so creative!

It always amazes me just how different each piece of art is. Each artist tweaks & twists the theme differently, I LOVE that. It makes for some spectacular results! Here they all are!

Artist: Jenn (IA Member)
My Comment
I didn't get my submission
completely finished this week.
Sowwies, one would think the
hostess would at least finish
her own challenge. 
(Please click on the pictures to Enlarge)

Artist: Edna
My Comment
Edna is "preaching to the choir"
here! I live in BC, Canada where all
the old growth forests are, I'm also
a proud treehugger, lol. This photo
is just spectacular Edna, I'd love to
try and paint it!
Artist: Dion Dior
My Comment
I always love Dion's work for it's exuberant
color. She's giving a couple online classes
soon on using the products she loves to create
 with. Such inspirational color splashes!
Artist: Cathy Calamas
My Comment
I am a lover of bookmarks as artwork.
They're easier to make for the artist,
they use up small pieces of ephemera, and
they're less expensive for our Etsy buyers!
These lovely bookmarks are so textural, you
just want to get your fingers on them!
Artist: Peggy Gatto
My Comment
I love what Peggy did with this photograph,
since I know nothing about computer
manipulation I couldn't speak to how
difficult this was to do but I sure love
the results!
Artist: Kim (IA Member)
My Comment
I love the bright green of this collage
and especially the quote, you can read
the full quote on Kim's site. The eyes
looking through the paper is wonderful.
Artist: Cindy (Our Newest Member!)
My Comment
I love Cindy's art and I'm so glad she's
our newest member. She loves to paint
roses and as you can see, she does them
so darn well!!
Artist: Donna
My Comment
A very loving painting by Donna.
I think this also has a Mother's
Day theme, it would make a beautiful
mother's day card.
Artist: Abby
My Comment
This is terrific, Abby! I totally laughed
with the chickens crossing the tracks!
This piece has a whimsical nature that makes
me smile, and as I said the chickens, lol.
Artist: Jeanette
My Comments
I love this piece, the green covered
entrance with nothingness behind, it
allows your imagination to work.
I wonder where the door goes?
Artist: Lisa (IA Member)
My Comment
I really love this, Lisa. She looks
 so sad and forlorn, the leaves seem to
be cuddling her, trying to comfort the
lovely sad woman. Beautiful!
Artist: Lori
My Comment
Once again, similar to Lisa's above, the
subject seems sad. Is it because one season
is dying while another blossoms? Or is she
a wood nymph with no one to play with?
I do love guessing games, this is a
beautiful one.
Artist: Elizabeth
My Comment
I love this collage piece, it
makes me think of operas and
wonderful music in outdoor
amphitheaters. So great.
Artist: Darla
My Comment
He's so cute! It makes me
think of a ballet of wood
nymphs and woodland fairies!
Artist: Michelle
My Comment
Here in Canada we can get some really
beautiful Northern Lights, this is a
wonderful interpretation of just that. So
well rendered.
Artist: Andrea
My Comment
I love mandalas and I admire people
who can do them. THis one is lovely, the
zentangles in green in some of the corners
remind me of cabbages and the large leaves of
tropical plants, love this.
Artist: Terrie
My Comment
This is a lovely piece that Terrie has
done for inclusion in an online book. The
words under the tissue say I am worthy,
you certainly are terrie.
Artist: Debbie
My Comment
I like this simple tree drawing. The amber
falling leaves make me think of cold weather
and hot bowls of soup! Such a sweet submission.
Artist: Yogi
My Comment
This would be a lovely birthday
card to recieve. The flowers are
made by quilling, so original.
This must need a three dimensional
Artist: Maggie (IA Member)
My Comment
I always love Maggie's work.
Her Primavera woman looks so
ethereal and Spring-like, she
should go play with Darla's
sketch above!
Artist: Diane (IA Member)
My Comment
This is such a lovely piece, it
reminds me of fall, but then I
also feel like I'm underwater too.
I love that there's so many
interesting emotions that this
illicits. So well done.
Artist: Lou Anne (New IA Member)
My Comment
I don't know why this piece affects me
so much but I do know that I love it. Maybe
it's all the greenery, green always
makes me happy. It and fuchsia are my
goto happy colors. Thanks for entering
this piece Lou Anne, it's true love.
Artist: Shanna
My Comment
I love how Shanna kept the perspective
perfect in this collage. I know that's hard
to do. What a wonderful piece, it makes me
want to go exploring!
Artist: Angie
My Comment
Simplicity can also be beautiful and that's
what Angie has gone for here. I did a
series of leaves when I first started
painting and they're still my favorites.
Thank you for reminding me that simple is
Artist: Loretta
My Comment
I'm always in awe of computer generated
artwork, probably because when I had a
copy of paintshop I couldn't work it to
save my life! This is a lovely scene
Loretta. Thanks for sharing!
Artist: Shelly (IA Member)
My Comment
I'm sooo happy to see that Shelly
is just like me this week, not able
to finish her piece. (i'm not the
only one!!) Although she has a valid
excuse, the flesh color she needed
has seemed to walk away and hide so she
couldn't colorize this lovely garden
nymph. Her hair is made of leaves and she
wears a necklace of leaves. I can't wait
to see her completed Shel!
Artist: Kristin
My Comment
I can't get over how Kristin
does the eyes of these lovely
women she paints. The face is
captured so perfectly, and I
totally love the leaves added
as wings, just perfect!
Artist: Gemma
My Comment
I love this submission!
The spectacular greens make
her so ethereal and special.
She mesmerizes me.
Artist: Annie
My Comment
I love all the greens of this
amazing submission, and the tiger
peaking through the foliage is
inspired! WOnderful!
Gosh, I always have such trouble choosing a winner from all the submissions. All the artwork is spectacular, especially this week! I mean, just LOOK at the color/form/creativity. How does one choose. I'll do eenie-menie-minie-moe!!!!

Ok, getting serious here! Throw the confetti, let the drums roll! The winner who gets the privilege of walking down our RED CARPET this week is...


Congratulations ABBY! You can pick up your "I'm A Showcase Winner" badge on the right hand sidebar. Please feel free to proudly display it on your blog. Thank you to you all who participated, I really appreciate all your effort in art creation and helping to make this another successful Challenge. 

I do want so say welcome to our two new members, Nancy and Lou Anne, we're thrilled to have them both as new IA members. They're both spectacular artists, click on their names and go check out their blogs. I'll see you all hopefully over on my blog for my Artist's Play Room Challenge this week! The Theme is Coffee & Tea. Come on over and I'll make you a cuppa. ;o)


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Thanks everyone.

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