Friday, April 20, 2012

Meet & Greet

Cindy Garner

It is my happy pleasure to introduce you all to our newest member! We've been so lucky lately to add several talented artists to our roster of members, of which Cindy is our latest. Cindy is a wonderful watercolorist. Her art has a gentleness to it, an ethereal quality. I would always recognize a Cindy Garner painting, no matter how much she tried to fool me. 

Here's a quote from Cindy...

"I just love the colour Pink, as you can tell..... 
I can sit down with pencil and paper and think & (there's that darn thinking again)... I am going to create something "rustic" looking perhaps... but in the end... it looks pretty and Pink. 
It's just what I love to create, so I'm going with it!!!

She has a love affair with roses, she loves to paint them, I've read several of her blog posts  titled something like "My Teapot" and what's shown is a spectacularly painted rose with vines and curlicues winding around thorny stems. What was going to be a teapot or teacups becomes roses because 
that's what drives her creative spirit. I actually completely understand her plight. I, too, try to paint one way and it always comes out as "my" style. What's wonderful is that Cindy has decided to embrace her uniquely lovely style.

The way she paints with watercolors makes pieces that are always one of a kind masterpieces. Althouth there is a high degree of artistic brilliance sprinkled throughout Cindy's family (both grandfathers, mother, uncle etc.) she is completely self taught in her chosen medium and this explains her original and purely "Cindy" style. Her artistic soul hasn't been diluted by what others say is "the way" to paint in watercolor. Let me illuminate my point with a selection of her work.
(Please click on the picture to see it in all it's glory!)

I think this was going to be
teacups, if I remember
correctly. I'm so glad she
went with roses!
Beautiful rose frame.Cindy loves to doodle, such
cloud-like beauty!
Cindy also loves to paint tulips, and thank God she does, as she captures the delicate nature of a tulip with such an expert touch.

Pink TulipsArt created for her mom.      She has such a distinctive style.
Cindy has a lovely post to explain the center tulip painting. She aptly points out that what we feed will be what grows so if we feed our creativity instead of our logical critical mind, then the creative part of ourselves will grow and blossom. She used an analogy of feeding the weeds or the flowers, that's why the painting is of a blossoming tulip. Always remember to Feed The Tulips.

I forgot to mention that Cindy is a Proud Canadian, just like I am! She hails from Midland, Ontario in the Eastern part of Canada. Alas, I'm in BC's West Coast or I'd totally be making her a hazelnut coffee in my kitchen right now!

I'm in LOVE with her decorated moose, with the luggage tag hanging off the "Fresh Canadian Snow" jar... and those socks & special Olympic mittens too... (they were a collector's item and really difficult to get when we hosted the winter Olympics a few years ago!) Cindy is offering this "Proud Canadian" button on her blog if you'd like to display it proudly.

Just in case you think that Cindy only paints flowers (and Canadian Moose), let me assure you that she paints many things, like her birthday cake and present! I also did finally come across that teapot she wanted to paint and instead found herself painting roses...

Cindy's Birthday Cake (I didn't know
they made pink Dream Whip!)
A pretty wrapped present.I knew she'd do a teapot eventually!!
If you'd like to visit
her blog, just click
on her blog button...
Or, how about visiting
her Etsy shop?
You can buy her art there!
Click her Etsy Shop button!

Please help us, here at Inspiration Avenue, warmly welcome Cindy to our group. We're so glad and thrilled to have her talent & creativity amongst us! I'm sure she'll be a valued member of our growing team and I can't wait to do one of her challenges!


Cottage Remnant said...

OMGoodness, I'm blushing.... thanks Jenn


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I'm already in love with her painting style! Welcome Cindy!

IMGIRL said...

Wildly clapping (while working).. welcome Cindy..officially! :)
Jenn is such a good hostess!

Happy Friday!

Shelinwa said...

Fabulous fab ys yes Love you art and welcome to our team!!!!

Diane ~ said...

a big warm welcome and a bouquet of pink tulips to you Cindy!! we are so happy to have you!!! :D

Queenie Believe said...

Hardy round of applause!
Have a great day!
Always, Queenie

IMGIRL said...

Oh I forgot...a girl after my own heart! PINK ROCKS!

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Clapping for you, Cindy!! Welcome! You like tulips (me: poppies) We both like flowers!

Rogers Marketing by Design said...

Cindy!!!.... I am sooooo proud of you! I will have to tell people I'm related to you so they will be impressed with me.... :) Good job!!

Lou Anne said...

Welcome to the group Cindy! Your painting are lovely!

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