Monday, May 14, 2012

Art with Heart

Hearty greetings everyone!  I have been away for a while 
and am very happy to be hosting this week's challenge.  
What an act I have to follow on though!  
Last week's challenge on Hands by Loretta and Shelly, 
was for me, one of the best ever.  
It was so moving and so straight from the heart. 

This is my home but I cannot live here.
Palmarin Merges : In the Studio

And that exact thought led me to this week's challenge :  
art with heart.  
You cannot separate the hands from the heart.  
When you open your hands and your arms to receive or to give, 
you open your chest and your heart!

When we create from the heart, it makes all the difference.

 When we speak from the heart, we truly touch others 
and we heal ourselves and the world.

Sometimes our hearts are so broken, and then by creating art, 
we recycle all the old junk and we birth 
a beautiful new piece of art

When we live from the heart, all barriers and boundaries 
and ideas of 'being different' disappears 
and we realise that we are all the same human beings, 
facing the same trials and tribulations 
and the same joys every day!

Looking forward to your entries.  
May you all have a week filled with Heart!



craftydvl said...

I think I'm the first poster? If there's a Linksy link, and I didn't see it, please let me know! My submission has to do with ink, hearts, and happiness-- but the main character is a clown. Just letting everyone know who might be bothered. I hope not, since I think they are cool characters-- but just a warning since I don't want anyone feeling phobias or uncomfortable. Thanks all!

Hettienne said...

Oops!! the link is there now!

IMGIRL said...

Love this challenge Hettienne. Your post is so true. When we share our art, we share a part of ourselves...
If we all just do what we love, this should be easy!!


Kat W said...

Hi Hettienne - Thanks - this is a great theme which I'm sure will produce some beautiful art. I love the images you've used in the post.

I added my Mister Linky link but couldn't seem to get the thumbnail to stick, sorry.

Here's the link as well in case I got it wrong:

Hope all is good with you.
Kat :-)

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Thanks for hosting the theme of HEARTS, Hettienne. It was a mental workout and I am just starting to learn how to use Photoshop.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Wonderful challenge!

see you there! said...

Great challenge. My linky says "pending" so I'll add the link here as well.


sandee said...

Well this is my first time entering your Inspiration Avenue so I hope it will be acceptable. Mine is part photograph, part digital layering, so it's not actually a paper or canvas piece with actual paint.

New End Studio said...

Glad to see you've returned, Hettienne, great challenge, too.

The linky shows all images are pending, so here's my link:

Have a great day, everyone!

Shelinwa said...

Great challenge my link was there last night but today poof gone just put it back LOL

Hettienne said...

Yip I have been struggling with Blogger and Linky!!! everything seems to have changed :(.

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