Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mermaids Results

Where do the Mermaids Stand?

This week I challenged all of you to share your interpretation of a mermaid.  It was my first time hosting a challenge and I couldn't wait to see what all of you came up with.  I discovered a beautiful bouquet of mermaids from some very unique and talented artists during this magical journey.  I also got to know each of you a little bit better.

On one blog, I found someone who shares my love for animals and developed a mermaid from her alter ego.   There were lots of pretty mermaids, some were voluptuous and others, transparent.  Most had hair, but one was in-between hair-dos. There was even a tiny baby mermaid.  Many had dual purposes, like marking a book page, catching the sun, spreading love across the world, traveling through the mail, or beautifying a paint box.  Each mermaid was the inspiration of a fellow artist and all represent the magic we carry in our imaginations. 

I must admit, I knew all along where the mermaids stand.  You're all here, right beside me and my fellow image makers at Inspiration Avenue.  We are presented with the gift of your creative visions every time you share a piece of art, or pause to comment on one.  I am honored to stand with all of you in this gallery of mermaids.  I hope you'll visit each of the blogs and get to know each other better. 

 Thank you all!



                                                                             Ritu Dua







                                                                      Anne (Cornucopia)



The only tough part of this whole thing was  to select a winner.  I looked at all of the images, again and again.  I loved them all but I had to pick one.  That was my job.  So, I finally decided to choose one with a vintage flair and a postcard format that tied in with our postcard swap.

And now, for the walk, I mean swim down the red carpet, 

to be showcased in our Red Carpet Gallery

and receiving the coveted Red Carpet Winner Badge

The winner is Anne.

Please don't forget to return tomorrow for our new challenge.  I can't wait!


peggy gatto said...

this was such fun!

Kat W said...

Gorgeous gallery! Great challenge & sorry that I wasn't able to join in this week. But it's a pleasure to view all these gorgeous mermaids!

Kat :-)

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Thank you for selecting me as the Red Carpet winner!

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