Sunday, May 13, 2012

Show us your "HANDS"

It has been so much fun this week to Co-Host this weeks challenge with my sweet daughter, Shelly. Everyday I would go onto the website to see what was new. Okay I’ll be honest….I went on numerous times during the day. All of you have done such amazing Interpretation of the HANDS theme Shelly & I chose.

I do hope that this week has given you a new respect & thankfulness for the amazing hands God created for us.

Bless each of you and


be hushed

Now lets put our HANDS together for the lady heading down the Red Carpet…….

Michelle V. Alkerton

What a pleasure it has been
Come see us tomorrow for a new challenge!!



peggy gatto said...

"hands down", the best creations!!!!!!!!

Shelinwa said...

I know RIGHT!!!!!

Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Thanks so much! What a lovely Mother's Day gift :).
Stay inspired!

Magpie said...

This was such a wonderful challenge and I wish I had had time to do an entry. The entries are just awe-inspiring!

Lou Anne said...

This was a lovely challenge and so special to have a mother and daughter team for Mother's Day. I especially love the photo of you both at the end. Thank you!

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