Monday, June 11, 2012

Chickens and Roosters

A wire and bead chicken for sale at our robots.

This week I wanted to make some art pieces with chickens and roosters, 
so I decided to challenge our artists to pay 
Homage to the Humble Hen (and Rooster and Chicks).

I just love chickens.  To me they are such beautiful animals 
and I suppose they symbolize the 
simple life.  My grandmother had many chickens on the farm 
and I just loved waking up to the call of the rooster in the mornings!!

I lost my childish innocence one morning when I saw a chicken
 being slaughtered for that evening's pot.  I have never eaten chickens 
(or any other animals since)!  And I am so happy that such big strides have 
been made with regards to free range chickens and egg-laying chickens.!

When I travelled in India, we visited a game reserve and 
there you find wild chickens running around in the forest,
 alongside the peacocks!! What an unexpected sight these were.

In South Africa we have a large informal business sector and 
you can buy almost anything next to the road and especially at robots!  Some or our local informal businessmen sell their own handcrafts and art and
 they make intricate chickens - some made from wire, 
some from wire and beads;  very exotic ones made 
from old plastic shopping bags and of course, ones made from brightly
coloured feathers.

A chicken in Xhosa is called an inkuku.  These are all made from recycled plastic bags :

I hope that these chooks inspire you to pick up your tools and to pay homage 
to these beauties in some way.

Here is a beautiful mosaic of a chicken by Martin Cheek

This spotted chicken by Warren Kimble

Warhol Robot Chickens

Warhol Robot Chicken

And what about a spot of chicken yoga?

Have fun and be sure to visit one another!!



peggy gatto said...

Wonderful examples!!!!!!!!!

priti.lisa said...

Beautiful post Hettienne...I love the nudge toward vegetarianism.♥♥♥

Hettienne said...

oh lisa nothing slips past you, lol :D

Tamarai said...

My abstract, slightly surreal interpretation is up.

izzy said...

Ok I will go have another look at my chickens! I am fond of them-and my ducks! Nice work you cheered me up!

Kate said...
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Kate said...

My chicken celebration is up. This was so fun!

Ellen Jarvis said...

I've posted my chicken zentangle, "Whack-A-Doodle." My friend, Jenn, sent me and also introduced me to Zentangling. She's been my inspiration and head cheerleader.

Thank you, Hettienne, for your beautiful post about the delightful chicken. I suppose I too would become vegetarian if I gave thought to their slaughter. In fact, I used to eat fish, before a trout I caught was grilled and served up to me with its eye staring back. Retch!! Now if only cupcakes had eyes, I'd be svelte!


Lou Anne said...

This was a fun challenge. Thank you Hettienne.

Lori Saul said...

My entry is on my Ravenpainting blog.
Thanks for looking!

Lynn said...

Awesome chicken art!!!! Love that beaded one especially!!! Wow. An the art quilted one too!

Barbwire Pretty said...

Wow!! what a wonderful hen house full of chickens and roosters.I feel right at home here.
All the best.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I'm glad I found your blog. I love your inspirational art projects. Blessings!

see you there! said...

Chickens and roosters are so much fun. This was a great challenge.


IMGIRL said...

Hettienne, this theme was a real challenge for me, I almost "chickened" out! :)


Claire said...

Finally made it this week - it's been a challenge, but it's done! Enjoy Fathers Day :)

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