Sunday, June 3, 2012

School is OUT!

The challenge this week was to make an image as if school was out for all of us for the whole summer. This little girl's expression totally sums up my feelings about the topic.  

I was delighted to visit everyone's blogs and read about their artwork.  Kim works at a university so she decided to create a wonderful paint box representing a fabulous trip someone might take after graduation.   I think I went straight to work after graduating.  That doesn't sound like a lot of fun but I can't say it wasn't all an adventure anyway. 

Peggy showed us a little girl in a vintage schoolroom scene who looked like she wasn't ready to leave school yet.   I've seen that look on so many children's faces.  If I'd had a mirror I would have seen it on my own face too whenever a school year was about to end.

Annie shared my sentiments about the joy of every day being a holiday once you've retired from the workforce.  Spending each day doing what one chooses is a pretty wonderful thing.  Life is not always playtime, but being one's own boss can be quite liberating.


Hettienne shared a delightful book full of treasured ephemera relating to her days as a school girl. The daily organizer she created was designed to help free up time to do what she loves.  And isn't that what we all need?  It doesn't seem to matter whether it's the summer vacation we treasure in the northern hemisphere or the winter break that's about to happen down in the southern regions.  Every artist does what they can to find time for doing what we love.


Donna gave us a fantastic picture of two children riding a swan and reminisced about feeding the ducks and their ducklings during the summer when she was a child.  On rare occasions, a swan would appear, eager for breakfast too.  Her post evoked some wonderful memories of duck ponds for me too.


Darla created a beautiful little gal in a bright red summer outfit.  Of course she was barefooted but she did have a fashionable sun hat to protect her face.  Her little dolly sparked a memory of playing Barbies with my girlfriends.    

My collage represented sunny days, playing with friends, and making lots of noise while celebrating the  end of the school year.

Shanna gave us an image of a little red schoolhouse and some darling vintage kids walking out the door.  Her use of lined paper for the background helped me connect with the reality of what school has meant for me, both as a child and as a teacher.


It was such fun to see the perspectives on people's feelings about the end of the school year.  The thing that struck me was that everyone seemed to have so much in common.  I hope you will all visit the individual blogs to see some of the wonderful things going on out there.  

Now everyone is wondering who's going to be the official red carpet winner this week.
Who's taking that walk down the fabulous red carpeted aisle?

And capturing the coveted IA Red Carpet badge?
The winner is Donna!  Congratulations and don't forget to pick up the badge to post on your blog.  
I've got to run now because Donna's post got me thinking I need to see "The Black Swan."  Am I the only one here who hasn't seen it?

Come back tomorrow for another fun challenge.  Thanks for playing school with me this week.  But right now, school is officially out!  I guess you can all go to recess or something.


Nancy said...

No, I haven't seen "The Black Swan" either. I enjoyed your theme and looking at the entries! I still hope to enter something, someday! LOL! Keep up the good work, everyone!

peggy gatto said...


Shelinwa said...

Oh poop my link disappeared when I posted Thursday night. wierd!!!

craftydvl said...

Oh my goodness, yay! Thank you guys :-D Hi guys! I have had a pretty rough past few days, and this turned my frown around, made me smile, and the other entries gave me inspiration. Everyone's art this week is so beautiful! And I am also loving the postcards I got for the swap, hoping everyone I sent cards do in turn loves them (-:

As to "Black Swan," it's probably my favorite film but not for the faint of heart. It's beautiful but very tragic and dark, and I know for some people some of the internal struggles (and how they manifest) in the protagonist are too difficult to watch. But, campiness and terrifyingness and all, I still think it's a great film.

I'm glad my swan obsession lead to a fun I.A. conclusion this week <3

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