Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekly Art Challenge - Wishes!

Hi, it's Jenn this week, bringing you your weekly Art Challenge fix! The theme I chose was supposed to go up a couple weeks ago around my Birthday but we all decided to postpone our challenges to allow for the PostCard Swap that we have now successfully completed. All the participants are receiving their postcards as we speak and it was a wonderful swap that I'm sure we'll do sometime in the future.

 I've decided that our challenge theme will be "WISHES". What do you wish for? Do you wish for world peace? Chocolate? A house cleaner? A winning lottery ticket? Sunshine on a cloudy day? Donuts? (Ya, donuts would be nice right now!) We all make wishes multiple times a day. Sometimes for superfluous things, other times for truly important things. The common thread running through people is that we all wish, cross our fingers and hope our wishes come true.

This week let your creative spirit out and explore this theme. Let interconnections in your artistic brain jump from one thought to another until you come to just what you want to create to illuminate just what wishes and wishing is to YOU. 

I must admit that one of my favorite songs from Disney is "When You Wish Upon A Star". In my childhood the song always sparked wonderfully creative thought about all the things I wanted to experience in my life. As I listened I'd think "what are my wishes?", "If I really do wish upon a star, will my wishes come true?". I believe in wishes but then I've always been a "believing child". I think wishing is important to our psychological health. If we have no wishes then where is our hope for the future? So, go ahead, make a wish, maybe it'll come true!

Here are some great examples to help inspire you in your artwork...

Erin makes these necklace
vials filled with wishing stars!
"Make a Wish" by AngieDandelion art by PaperMoth
Collage art by ChristyCollage, "Wish Jar" by OliviaOur own Kim's "Wish" tag!
Art print by MomomaWish upon a treasure box by
Fairytale Inc.
Quote, "The Princess Bride"
by Selena
"Summer Wishes" by Luiza"I Wish You Love"
Assemblage by Laura
Remember, we here in Inspiration Avenue encourage you to explore all artistic mediums we would love to see any art you want to create that is inspired by the "Wishes" theme. If you need the rules & guidelines for our I.A. Challenge please click here. Please remember to link up by NOON next Sunday (Eastern Standard Time). I look forward to seeing all your lovely artwork!


If you'd like to visit my personal art blog just go to Just Add Water Silly, I always have the hazelnut coffee on and I'd love to see you.
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Tamarai said...

OK - Wishes done and dusted and up on the page.

New End Studio said...

I'm in this week, all done. Great theme!

Peg Englishman said...

Hi Jenn and everyone at Inspiration Avenue! I'm new to blogging and am so excited to do this challenge. I hope you like my journal page:)all the best, Peg E.

Kathy said...

It's been a while since I've played with y'all, but school's out and I'm in!

Lou Anne said...

Thanks for a thought provoking challenge, Jenn. I never thought making a wish would be so thought provoking for me.

Kristin Dudish said...

Donuts are a common wish for me! Ha!


IMGIRL said...

My wishes challenge submission is also a "Spoiler Alert" for the round robin I am in.

I was "wishing" I would make it in time!


Shelinwa said...

Will not let me add my link to linky so posting here. Blogger is freaking out today :(

peggy gatto said...

sorry I missed this one, but I love the art created!
I WISH you a happy day!!!

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