Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wishes Challenge Wrap Up

This week's challenge was "wishes" and you guys did a superb job of illustrating that concept in your artwork. Let me show you what you all submitted as we wrap up this week's challenge.

Tamarai did a tongue in cheek sketch of what
both a thin woman and a over weight woman
must be thinking seeing each other!
Gloria did a sweet little piece with a three dimensional
wishes sign. Very pretty.
Emily has done a wonderful wishes theme by celebrating
the Queen's 60th diamond Jubilee, meaning she
 has reigned for 60 years.
Peg has done a wishes collage, combining her
wish for a clear mind and a strong heart.
Ritva has used a photo and altered it, what a wonderful job.
Kathy has done a stunning abstract to illuminate the wish theme.
Terrie wishes to vacation in Tenerife in the
Canary Islands. Sun, sand, relaxation and
a cold drink in her hand. Can I come too?
Lou Anne (IA Member) has  done a general wish
to be as you are. Well said! Beautifully created too.
Darla has made a wishing feather, she imagines that
the wind would carry it to it's destination.
Ritu has drawn a lovely figure making all her wishes
as they float around her.
Elizabeth has done a lovely and sweet ATC,
the quote is so right on the money! I'm guessing
bluebeard's wish is for catnip & a can of tuna!!
Thanks Darla for your beautiful midnight wish, what a mermaid
might wish for. Spectacular!
Kristin has thought of a brilliant
idea to capture fireflies for wishing on!
Great concept.
Donna has drawn children wishing on a genie
in a bottle type wish. terrific drawing.
My entry (IA Member) to the challenge, I sure wish they were wishes! 
Kim (IA Member) was wonderfully creative, she wished
to meet her doppelganger someday, cool wish Kim!

And now it's the RED CARPET TIME AGAIN!!

And the winner for this week is...

You are our Red Carpet Winner This Week!!
Congratulation, you can pick up your Showcase Winner Blog Badge
located in the sidebar that-a-way ----->

Thank you to all the participants, your artwork is inspiring.

Stay tuned, Hettienne's theme goes up Monday, I'm sure it'll be spectacular!


peggy gatto said...

I "wish " I had time to do this one!!!
I loved seeing all the wishes!!!!

Darla said...

Congratulations to Kathy...all of these are wonderful interpretations!

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