Sunday, July 1, 2012

Art Journaling Results
My favorite challenges are the ones where I learn something new.

Here's what I found out:
It seems few people are neutral about art journaling.
 There are those who love to journal and those who don't.

Everyone who participated said they were excited about the theme
since they love to create art in journals. (There were a few people who 
participated to be sweet and loyal but said they generally do not 
create in art know who you are...thank you!!)
   I've noticed from comments that some of you have an actual aversion
to art journaling. I'm wondering if it's from the proliferation of
art journaling classes and workshops that encourage you to put down
on paper the angst and traumas that you've experienced in childhood.
It's a form of art therapy, I guess. While this technique may be helpful
to some, it's not for everyone. (I just go merrily along putting whatever
I like in my art journal. I don't have much trauma to revisit, and whatever
I have I will just leave well enough alone, thank-you-very-much!)

Just thought I'd share these ponderings about art journals.
But moving on to the gallery...
As usual, the pieces are varied, colorful and creative, 
and as individual in style as each artist!
And look, not a bit of angst in any of them!

Another from

Maggie (Me!)

(This one is dear to my heart ~ Kat created this for me
in my own journal for our Round Robin swap!)



I love every one of these, but I must pick a
Red Carpet Showcase Winner for the week.
After much back-and-forth, I chose Jessica's entry!

Since we're at the height of midsummer here in the
northern hemisphere, I especially love the summery colors
and theme of an endless summer!

Congratulations, Jessica!
Don't forget to pick up your badge to display on your blog!
The code is in the right sidebar.


Last week I forgot to add the Showcase Winner of the
On Holiday post. So sorry about that!

The winner was Darla for her mixed media piece
with the vintage photo of a family going on vacation by car.
I love the photo and the words.
We always went on vacation by car,
and we always knew how it would turn out. lol!

Congratulations, Darla!

Be sure to stop back here Monday for next week's challenge theme.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

~ Maggie


Jo Murray said...

What's not to like about those great journal pages? All of them are uplifting and inspiring.

Shelinwa said...

WONDERFUL I just could not do it this week and I LOVE ART JOURNALS dang it. VBS is over and I am back in the game. These are all wonderful!!!!

Kat W said...

Such a gorgeous gallery of Art Journaling joy!Thanks Maggie :-)
Kat Xx

Jessica Sporn said...

I am so honored to see my pages among these great art journal pages! Wow. Thank you for the badge and I will proudly display it!

Claire said...

some truly amazing art pages!! and a well-deserved winner - many congrats, jessica - i just love your summery entry :)

Lou Anne said...

That was a fantastic assortment of art journal delights! I agree that the winner, with her summer toenails and beautiful color choices is a supreme summery selection.

see you there! said...

Thanks so much for featuring my art on the Red Carpet! I have an injured finger and am not able to be really creative at the moment so this made my day.


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