Monday, July 2, 2012

Teapots are this weeks Challenge.. Sorry for the little confussion this morning!!! Teapots it is!

it is!
As summer has started and the weather warms are you one to still enjoy and sip your tea?
well here is your chance to 
So Bring on your creative tea!!!

ALSO WE ARE AT 600 Followers WOW thank you so much for following us!!!
This weeks challenge comes from Shel of 
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Kat W said...

I was all confused for a minute thinking lime & turquoise, LOL. But tea...oh yes I can never live without tea whatever the weather.

Kat :-) X

Lou Anne said...

I wasn't sure about the teapot challenge but then I had an idea...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I left town thinking I had this in the bag so to speak with my lime and turquoise art flag. Imagine my surprise when I return to read the challenge had been changed to teapots. I had to quickly scramble to meet this challenge! So now I have them both covered.

Diane ~ said...

trying to leave my but "mr linky" is gone!! as is disappeared, vanished, not there... so will try later :)

Diane ~ said...

still haven't been able to "link" in so here is my link the old fashioned way

Deborah said...

I thought I'd seen something somewhere about limes and turquoise, and had even taken some pictures of a lime I was cutting up to make salsa. Oh, well. That will be for another day. The teapot was a fun one anyhow. :-)


Frances Traina said...

I'm a little behind on this but just added my teapot art this evening. Fun subject!

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