Monday, September 17, 2012

Celebrating Friendships Art Challenge Sept 17 - 22

"Celebrating Friendships"
As we go into our Blog Party next week I thought it was ever so fitting to Celebrate
as a Tea Party is not a tea Party with out Friends
So take this week in what ever medium you are in
to celebrate Friendships
As we all have had them come and go as seasons in our lives


Spiffing Jewelry on Etsy


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Next week
Our Blog Party will be here
Come check it out!!



Claire said...

i think this is a great challenge and some lovely, inspiring examples :)
can i ask - are we not having a red carpet 'winner' of the week anymore? there hasn't been a gallery of the entries for a few weeks...

Magpie said...

Hi Claire,

We have discontinued doing the Red Carpet winners as well as the Gallery and are hoping to add more fun events and challenges to make up for it. There was a blog post about it a while back, but you may have missed it. The Fairies' Tea is the first of such events. Not all will be blog parties...some will be challenges, swaps like the postcard swap we did, and lots of things we are still discussing! We'll keep doing our weekly challenges, but wanted to add other interesting things to the blog. We are hoping the Mr. Linky thumbnails will make it easier to visit the participants' blogs. We also hope each of you who have been a red carpet winner will continue to post your badges on your blogs!

Hope your week is going great!


Claire said...

many thanks, maggie, i obviously missed that blog post... now i know to just visit the blogs shown on mr linky :)
i may not visit too much for the time being - i'm doing a OCA drawing course and it's rather time-pressured... *sigh*
have a great week :)

Lou Anne said...

Friendships are a wonderful thing to celebrate! I remember playing house with my kindergarten boyfriend, Timmy. He was such a good sport! (I might have been a little bossy)

Jessica Sporn said...

I know I'm a little late, but I wanted to upload my challenge piece. Sorry... I was busy cleaning up after the lovely Fairy Tea party!

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