Monday, September 10, 2012

Dragonfly Darlings Challenge

Many myths surround dragonflies, or damselflies.  One myth says they were once dragons in bygone eras.  The dragonfly site says they symbolize maturity and depth of character, power, poise and that they capture the essence of living in the moment.

How many ways can you find dragonflies as depicted in art, literature, textiles, myth or decoration, to name just a few?

Here are a few dragonfly artifacts I have come across, as symbolized on a garden tile:

or used as a utility hook:

as an intricately sewn pieces of embroidery (source: The Art of Annemieke Mein, Wildlife Artist in Textiles)
(122 x 122 cm, Sale Regional Arts Center)

and in art:

and in sparkling stained glass:

Join in the IA Challenge this week and show one of your favorite dragonfly images.  Link up below with your dragonfly so we can all join in the fun.  (Be sure to add your post URL, not your blog URL.)


Janet O'Connor said...

I painted and posted a painting of a dragonfly when I bought some new paints. There's something mystical about them when they fly around and settle on a flower or even my shoulder.

Lou Anne said...

Kauai has the biggest dragonflies in the world. Of course, I've only seen them on t-shirts. This image was made a couple of months ago but I'm away from my Photoshop Elements tools and couldn't resist adding it in.

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