Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Fairies' Tea

Thank you all for helping us 
create a magical tea party!
We all had a wonderful time,
ate too many delectable treats,
played magical fairy games, and
were just dazzled by fairy goodness!

Handmade Pendant Necklace
This fanciful fiddlehead fern is hand drawn
painted in watercolor and under a glass dome.
by Diane of The Expressive Palette

Fairy Gift Tags 
Five mini digital collages with 3D embellishments 
Attach to gifts, use as bookmarks, or enjoy on their own!
offered by Lou Anne of Misplaced Mermaid

A Book of Mini Gift Boxes 
 A set of four decorative hexagonal boxes that 
you can glue together for sweet surprises.
from Nancy at Nancy's Arts, Crafts, & Favorites

  Mini Travel Journal
3.5" x 5.5" book filled with blank, unlined pages. 
Embellished covers and first 3 inside pages.
from Maggie at The Fanciful Magpie

Shrine of the Sacred Heart 
Mixed media assemblage
offered by Her Grace by Devata

Bound Deck of 52 Cards 
52 things for you to give to spouse, 
college student, grandparents,
Or even turn into a book of art for yourself!
This little bound book comes to you from
Shel of Pics by Shel

Keeper of the Fairy Houses and 
Vintage Skeleton Key Neckace
Offered by Kim of IMGIRL

The winners will be drawn on September 24 
from the party participants.
Join the party to be eligible to win!

Click HERE to go to the Fairies’ Tea party page.

While you are on the Giveaways Page,
pick up some free party favors
posted right before the giveaways!

guidelines for party participation are HERE.

(Note: The Weekly Challenge and Meet and Greet for
our new member, Lisa, are right below this post!)


Fallingladies said...

I have to post this now as i won't be by my computer tomorow till later in the day, have a happy tea party all! can't wait to see all the lovely posts!

Hettienne said...

My tea party has started and already I have had amazing visitors!!

Sally-Anne Russell said...

Hi, My party has already started too, here is the link,

Bye for now

The Shop Around the Corner said...

Thank you for hosting. This is our party link:

Much love,

bohemiannie! art said...

I would so love to join in the fun...but I'll have to do so as a viewer...and can't wait until I start clicking links!

Magpie said...

Thank you all, it's so helpful when you post your link. Makes it easier to update the Fairies Tea party list :)

Magpie said...

Bohemiannie, we're so happy to have you join the party as a viewer. The more the merrier!

There are giveaways on many of the party posts, be sure to enter those!

Witchy J said...

My party post is here

Now I'm off to fly around the others, it's it fun.

J x

Witchy J said...

Thank you for hosting such a magical party. I've had an enchanting time at all I've visited so far and will continue my party hopping tomorrow.

J x

Denise said...

Thank you for all the fun.It was such a good time.

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