Monday, October 29, 2012

Meditation and Mandalas

Hi Everyone! I'm Beth - one of the new kids on the IA block and this is my first time hosting a challenge and I am so excited to be here! So let's get started... As this time of year has everyone focusing on fall and all the fun and beauty it represents I thought I would take us for a walk down a slightly different path this week.

Our new challenge at Inspiration Avenue for this week is meditation and mandalas.  Through the act of making a personal mandala the meditative process which ensues helps calm the mind and some would say helps one on their journey of seeking wholeness in their life. There is no doubt as to the beauty found in mandalas, which in and of itself can be calming to the heart and soul. This is not a religious act but rather a spiritual quest for finding happiness and completeness from within. So, come along this week and discover a new practice...

Explore the magnificent patterns and textures. Rejuvenate and invigorate your mind!


"A Mandala is considered a Sacred Circle. It's the focal point that symbolizes our spirit,
which, like the circle, has no beginning or end.

Mandalas embody the transcendental qualities of the Ineffable --
the metaphysical principles from which the Universe is made.

The Word Mandala is thought to have been brought to European culture around 1900 by Dr. Carl Gustav Jung. Mandala means circle and community in the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit.  Doctor Jung felt that his personal Mandala was much more than a geometric shape; he thought the Mandala represented the archetypal symbol of wholeness. The Mandala has existed throughout history in almost every culture's mythology and teachings of spirituality. The doctor used Mandalas to help his patients uncover insights about their inner life and true nature".
(excerpt from
If you are interested in further study of the mandala there are many wonderful websites out there for reference.  Just hop into Google and type in "mandalas". 
Mandalas can be whatever you want them to be - they actually remind me a lot of Zentangles in that both are meditative processes - no matter what else they are being created for. Following are some beautiful examples that I pulled from Google images to give you a little "inspiration." As you can see mandalas range in design from the extremely complex to the more simplistic, and even some that are quite whimsical!

So, come join us this week on our mandala journey.
All you need is a piece of paper, a plate or something round to draw your beginning circle onto the paper, something to color with, and let your heart be your guide. 

If you have never made a mandala before I am adding a few mandalas already drawn (courtesy of Google images). Just start listening to your muse and color away!
Do be warned, they are addictive!

"Oh, what's that... you want to see what I made?" Silly me, of course you do...

I used homemade twinkling h2o's and homemade glimmer mist for the background. Then I started in the middle and began drawing my mandala. My teacher would probably cringe because I didn't use any drafting tools, it's all free hand...

and here are the mandalas I promised that you can just start coloring!

I do hope you enjoy this exercise,
and don't forget to add your link on Mr. Linky at the bottom of this we can all come by and oooh, and ahhhh over one an other's work!

If you pop over to my personal blog, Mossberry Cottage ( you will find a link on my sidebar for a free mandala class with the instructor I learned from. I met her over at Willowing where by the way, you will find a second free class from Guadalupe!
So, don't forget to link up and most importantly, HAVE FUN! 



Leovi said...

Beautiful designs, I love Mandalas but find very difficult to perform.

The Shop Around the Corner said...

So pretty, I especially like the whimsical ones with turquoise tones, one of my favorite colors. Some of the shapes remind me of Spirograph (toy back in the 70's). I could draw on that thing for hours.
Thx for sharing.

IMGIRL said...

Oh, a whole world I have not entered yet. Might give it a whirl. Love the samples shown and all the colors! Nice theme!!

Ritu Dua said...

You are so true Beth mandalas are always the challenge and all the inspiration!

Diane ~ said...

oh i do love mandellas and hope to finish mine to enter!! Great idea for a challenge Beth! :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

This is my first (I hope of many) Mandalas. Thank you, Beth, for hosting a great challenge!

Lou Anne said...

I love the examples you used Beth. I must admit, it was a fun and thought provoking challenge.

Leticia Lee said...

Thanks for the great challenge, I love drawing mandalas, so relaxing! D x

Aletha J. Williams said...

Wow, Beth, your mandala is beautiful. You are amazing in your freehand work. Keep that talent alive!

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