Monday, November 26, 2012

Angels on my mind . . .

Morning everyone, Beth here to introduce 
this week's new challenge entitled
Long ago I realized I actually had a guardian angel... it was the only logical explanation for some of the wonderful doors that suddenly opened to me as well as a few situations that I miraculously survived. 

Keep in mind that this is in no way intended to be religious pursey; 
I do not follow an organized religion rather preferring to follow my own way that is a combination of many paths leading to a mindful 
and spiritual existence. 
Recently the realization that I had never painted my guardian angel struck me with the challenge back in October entitled "Orange".  I thought this would be a wonderful challenge particularly given the holiday season we have just officially ushered in.
Now I know angels mean different things to different people so in this challenge I ask that you create a piece of art depicting your angel be it your guardian or other. 

So, get out those art supplies and get creating... be it a greeting card, a tag, a painted or collaged canvas or even an assemblage... as always your imagination is your only limitation. 

Submissions are due by noon (eastern time)
on December 2. Leave your link with Mr. Linky below.

Don't forget to link your art so we can all pop over to
each other's blogs for an angelic visit!


Lisa Isabella Russo said...

You have some splendid and beautiful blogs! It's been a while since I've painted an angel. Tis definitely the season though...

lorik said...

Love the cat angel and the doll!

Jan said...

Glad to play this week...we were gone and got back just in time to see all the beautiful angels here!

Lou Anne said...

Thank you for a fun challenge Beth!

see you there! said...

Haven't managed to play for awhile, glad to be back.


Andrea said...

What an angelic choice for this week's challenge ... a perfect time to be thinking of our angels. Your painting is very personable and must be someone special in your life. Guardian angels are such a blessing. Thank you for your thoughtful inspirations.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Catharine said...

Love all the examples of angels. Mine is a cross between an angel/fairy/flower girl?

Leovi said...

Fine angels, I love the second. Greetings.

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