Friday, November 16, 2012

Meet & Greet for Kim Prowse

This is Shelly of 
Inspiration Avenue and I would like to 
Introduce you t
Kim Prowse
She comes to our team from Beautiful Canada
a blip from Kim herself: 

Hello Everybody, I have been involved in many walks of life with the arts. I have designed costumes, quilts, prints being a costume- graphic designer/Illustrator, poet. Basically, I am self taught artist and poet with a heavy influence towards Klimt and my imagination. I have lived and traveled throughout Europe. My favorite times are playing with my cat , daughter and grandson. I hope you enjoy my work. I believe people should do what they believe in. "To please a few is good, too many, not so good." E. Klimt. I believe happiness is the cure-all remedy.
                                                                        These are all in her Etsy Shop                   

Kim is also a poet!  Here is one of her favorites!

Fainter still
The universe of your eyes,
as soft as rain
whispers heaven this night,
reeds that sway
then spirals sweet
back to home,
where comfort breathes no pain,

under stars,
 stirs the unclaimed dove
a desire in untainted form
without regretful rooms that pain the heart
a spark,
a soul,
a lingered touch
closer still and yet to part

lingered by movements
where velvet sparks do rise
powers beyond my demise
By Kim Prowse ©
More of Kim's Art 
You can fimd these images and more in her 
ETSY shop at 
Also here is 
Kim has a neat unique way of art some be using hundreds of small objects to create her art. 
The only thing that separates Kim and I, is the Boarder into Canada as I only life 10 miles from it and she is not too far from that.

Please Join me in welcoming 

Kim to 

Inspiration Avenue


Lou Anne said...

Welcome Kim! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your art and reading more of your poetry!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Welcome to IA, Kim. Your. Works are lovely and you will be a great addition to IA!

Magpie said...

Welcome to Inspiration Avenue, Kim! So happy to have you here, and looking forward to getting to know you!


Janet O'Connor said...

Hi Kim, your style is lovely. I have just become a fan of Klimt., so it's lovely to see how his works inspire others. Welcome to Inspiration Avenue!

Diane ~ said...

How wonderfully talented you are not only with your lovely art but beautiful poetry! A warm welcome to the IA sisterhood Kim! :)

lorik said...

Welcome Kim:) Nice to meet another new member. Your work is great.. and I have always loved Klimt. I also have a lovely grandson AND a cat:)

Kim P said...

Oh so wonderful. Thank you Lou Anne, Nancy, Magpie, Janet, Diane, Shelley, Lorik for such lovely words to coo my heart. I am pleased of such lovliness of this group. I am just learning how to use the keys, that open so many doors, so please bear with me. This group is wonderful because it is motivating to keep the creativity ever-flowing. Thank you all once again for your warm welcome.

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