Monday, December 24, 2012

Winter Goddess

Winter Goddess Challenge

Welcome everyone! Today I am hosting our second to last challenge of the year - this challenge focuses on the circle of life - renewal and regeneration expressed through the Goddess of Winter.  We want you to show us how you view this earthly process of the uniqueness of life - the cyclical interconnectedness of all things expressed through the role the Goddess of Winter plays in this magnificent process. You may use any medium to make your entry including digital - if that should strike your fancy. Share with us your expression of this magical and mystical portion of the circle of the year.

Winter Solstice has just passed. A time of year in which we welcome the Goddess of Winter with open hearts and arms along with all her myths and rituals. Albeit these rituals vary from culture to culture but none-the-less are recognized by all. 

It is a time of year that we celebrate the spirit of regeneration and renewal through age old rituals of personal renewal, thoughts and prayers for world peace and a coming together to honor our family and friends.

We celebrate with lights to hold at bay the darkness of the lengthened nights which we once deeply feared; greenery to remind ourselves of the lush greens of the past and future springs and summers; feasting and gift giving, merriment and singing of songs to remind us that again it will be warm and green in the seasons to come.

Lastly, that all of life is cyclical continually contributing to the great circle of life of which the Goddess of Winter plays but a part. We are reminded of the interconnectedness of life from one season to the next through the Great Circle of Life. (paraphrased from Circle Sanctuary)

Beth P "Winter Goddess"
We look forward as always to your wonderfully diverse creativity and imaginations. Remember to link up you project in the Mr. Linky below so we all can visit one another and compliment one another's beautiful creations!

Happy Holidays



Gina said...

Haven't managed to join in for ages, but I had already prepped this post ready for Christmas...and it seems perfect for your challenge :D
Blessed Yule/Christmas to you all :D XXX

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

These are really beautiful

Happy Christmas to you and your family.

peggy gatto said...

I always enjoy this inspiration site, thanks for hostessing!!!!!!!

Lou Anne said...

Hi Beth,
I think the images you chose for this challenge are beautiful! I created my Winter Goddess Shrine after thinking about all of the lovely snow you got back east. I just didn't think a palm tree would be suitable. Oh, by the way, my narcissus are blooming. That's supposed to be spring but the bulbs get confused here.

lorik said...

Interesting reading and beautifully illustrated.

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