Monday, February 4, 2013


This week our ART PROMPT is

Bridges have always intrigued me. 
 How they are made 
Stone, wood, bricks and Metal
Really is a work of art when you sit back and take a look

So here are some ideas for your creativity 
to start out the week 
of February 4th 2013
I them came to these sweet little pics too
 So you see, Many different promts!

Sources: GOOGLE
Also a wee little reminder, that addresses came out over a week ago after the deadline was met for getting in on the 

Please get them shipped so we can all come together and do a POST! 



MadBirdDesignsUK said...

Yay success a linky link that went right first time :-) Joan

Maggie said...

A great theme, Shel! I love the idea of a bridge creating a link between one place and another. And some bridges are so beautiful as well! Like works of art.

peggy gatto said...

I immediately thought of a childhood game!!

peggy gatto said...

Link is not working and I tried again with no success. If you would like to see my bridges post the link is
Not sure what's up!

peggy gatto said...

yay, last 1 went thru, excuse the 2 posts!

Andrea said...

A bridge is not just a bridge, is it. I like your alternatives ... then there is a bridge of a book, the bridge that is a tumbling move, the bridge that holds up the strings on a violin or guitar ... oh my, it could go on and on. Love the fluidity of this subject.

Andrea @ From The Sol

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