Monday, March 18, 2013

“Your Home Town” Art Challenge

Where in the World Do You Live?
the city or town where one grew up, 
the place of one's principal residence
(not to be confused with birthplace
although the two can be the same place).

What sort of place is your home town?
How would you show it with art?

We see so many of you every week and usually know the 
part of the world you live in, but we'd love you to 
share with us, more specifically, your town!

You may live in an apartment in the city . . .

reside in a peaceful country setting . . .

. . . . or live somewhere in between.

Wherever it is, I hope it's a place you love!
Although it's not always the case . . . sometimes people 
can't wait to leave their home town and make
a new home somewhere else.

This looks like a fun place to visit . . .

Is there a special event, landmark, or celebration in your town?
New Orleans

Maybe you're surrounded by highways and concrete.
This painting captures the beauty 
of these cold, industrial forms.

Is your home town landlocked or situated near water?
Maybe your town fills with tourists for part of the year.

I love a sense of history in the structures of a town.
Arthur E. Grimshaw, The Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1895, 
oil on canvas, Laing Art Gallery

Apartment, townhouse, castle, treehouse, teepee, cabin!
Whether it's in a large city or small town . . . 
we hope you will show us with your art just 
what makes it special to you!

Have fun depicting your town in whatever medium you choose.
Link up here by Sunday, March 24. Link back to
Inspiration Avenue in your blog post.

 Please click the images above to find out more about the art.

Have a creative and inspiring week!




Linda said...

what a coincidence this challenge is!! I just posted about my hometown area :)I hope to see lots of links here so I can travel around the globe and visit!Thanks for a lovely theme Maggie.

Jan said...

It's a pleasure to share my home! I collaged some of my favorite photos from my collection and added a bamboo texture on top to give the piece some softness and a vintage look.
A great challenge this week....loved it!

signedbymali said...

I have had some problem getting my link published, but I think I've done it now, put the picture still don't show though..

Lizbethem said...

Great theme! Mali, I couldn't leave a comment on your blog but that beautiful painting blew me away!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

We might not have world museums and high dollar shopping, but we do have beautiful landscapes in Del Rio. Blessings!

Lou Anne said...

Maggie, you've done a wonderful job on the hometown challenge. What fun it was to visit people's blogs and learn about their hometowns. I've posted a couple of scrapbook-type pages to show part of my home. It was lots of fun making them.

Katie Hone said...

Noooo, this is the perfect theme for what I've worked on this last week!!! Haha, first time on this site, hope to participate in this week's Inspiration Avenue :)

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