Monday, April 29, 2013

"High Heels" This weeks challenge! OH and did I hear SOMETHING NEW COMING?

"High Heels"
Do you wear them?
Do you collect them?
Do you love/Hate them?

a fun thing to be taller
I (Shelly) personally get a kick out of people trying to walk in them that 
need a wee little more practice. 

I personally do not wear them but my daughter LOVES them and has many many pairs and 
pulls it off well. 

So now,  here this week 
you can get creative in a shoe sort of way. 
Tell us what you think of High Heels!
Tell us a story
Put cute shoes on your whimsy
Hang a pair over your shoulder, door or hook & take a pic
If you have an old pair you have never worn you could paint them and share with us!!

Have fun with this 
Step out and do something new
We love all that we see every week!!
You have until Sunday at Noon the 4th of May!
Post on our Mr. Linkey 
Visit each other!
SO fun.

May 1st, May day something new is coming to Inspiration Avenue
We will post it then so check back for sure May 1st!!




Gina said...

I was determined not to be a "totterer" like many of the older girls so, from the age of 10, I would walk one foot in front of the other along the curbstones all the way to and from school ...and I totally rocked high heels as soon as I was old enough :D XXX

Lisa Buckridge said...

This is one of my favorite subjects! Lisa :)

abby j said...

Love the examples...such fun shoes!!!

poppylocke said...

Thank you for another great topic! Those ladder shoes are cool!

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