Monday, April 1, 2013

Inspiration Avenue Challenge-April

How many of you played (or will play) an April Fool's joke on someone today?  I'm not really one to play those kind of jokes on people, probably because I'm not really receptive to having them played on me.  But some people are experts at it.  For this week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue, I'd like to invite you to create an image about the month of April.

In searching for vintage digital ephemera, I've come across some fun French postcards celebrating April 1.  I don't know what the fish symbolizes but I love the postcards, just because they're fun.


Graphic's Fairy

Graphic's Fairy

April is famous for having lots of rain, thus bringing forth flowers in May.  (April showers bring May flowers.)  Sometimes Easter falls in April.  There are lots of other fun things to celebrate in April.  I'll list just a few for this week.  April 1 is not only April Fool's Day, it's also International Tattling Day.  On the 2nd, you might want to embrace National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day.  April 3 is Don't Go to Work Unless it's Fun Day.  (Sorry but I'm not authorized to write you a note so don't ask.)   April 4 is Tell a Lie Day.  This is a good day to give a reason for missing work yesterday that doesn't mention that work just isn't very fun.   You can celebrate on April 5 with National Walk to Work Day.  (Be sensible.  If you're a commuter, this one might be impractical.)  April 6 is Plan Your Epitaph Day.  A bit morbid for some, but others might consider it proactive.  April 7 is a must-do for all of you.  No Housework Day is something I try to practice just a little every day.  On Sunday, April 7 I hope you will all commit to it.  I certainly will.  If you'd like to visit the site where I learned about all of these holidays, just click here.

Have I given you some inspiration for the April challenge?  If not, maybe you should go back and look again.  You can create using any medium-digital, paint, clay, paper, beads, fabric, cat fur... (just wanted to see if you're still with me.) 

Needle Felted Cat Fur
Your submission must be linked up to us by next Sunday at noon, EST.  I'm looking forward to seeing how you celebrate the first week in April.



Diane said...

What a fun coincidence! I posted my April related collage this morning. Thanks!

Kim P said...

Can anyone see my link for last week Seed Challenge? Mr Linky grabbed my picture, but my participation picture does not show up on my side. I did 4 lil representations of Seeds I visited everybody who participated. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.

peggy gatto said...

Since my first love are flowers i must choose april showers bring may flowers!!!!!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I didn't realize there were so many holidays to choose from in April Blessings!

Deanna Millard said...

I too did not realize there were so many holidays in April. I almost went with daisies as they are the flower for April but decided to have a little fun and try 'rain' for the first time in watercolors.

Catharine said...

Chicks in heels a wee bit of April fools fun :) Birds are acting crazy with nest building watched a humming bird gathering fluffy seed heads for its nest, amazing!
Happy Painting.

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