Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day in the United States.  To many Americans, it signals the unofficial start of summer.  We celebrate with barbeques and picnics at the beach, in the parks, at the lakes, or in our back yards.  It's always celebrated on the last Monday in May.
But its significance is far more important than just having fun with family and friends or taking a day off from work or school.  It's the federal holiday reserved for honoring our fallen soldiers.   While Veteran's Day is a holiday to celebrate all veterans, Memorial Day is reserved for remembering military personnel who died in active service.  Americans just ended the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan is scheduled to end in 2014.  We've lost over 7000 Americans in those two wars.
Digital Collage by Lou Anne Hazel

I know that our followers come from all over the world and this is a U.S. holiday.  Still, each country probably has its equivalent.  My goal for this challenge is to ask that everyone choose their own reason for participating.   It may relate to American patriotism or a love of your own country, it could tie in with someone in the armed forces now or in the past, or it might connect with your views on war, or even peace.

It's not a lighthearted topic but I believe it's something that can connect with every individual in some way or another.  I'm looking forward to seeing your artwork on the topic.  

As always, the challenge ends next Sunday at 12:00 noon EST.  After posting your entry, please leave a comment.  Your entry will link to your blog so others can visit.  We love it when you link back to Inspiration Avenue to encourage others to see all of the entries.

Thanks for visiting us!
Lou Anne



Lisa Buckridge said...

'Flanders Fields' is the poem attached to this illustration on my blog. Thanks for this opportunity to show it to more people. said...

Happy Memorial Day to you! :-)

Karla B aka Lady Skyclad said...

We don't have a Memorial Day in my country despite we had also fought in War II.Thanks for the opportunity to show what I feel about it.
Karla xxx

Jennifer Shelby said...

great collage, Lou Anne!

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