Monday, May 20, 2013

Retro Art Challenge

Oh, That's SO 20th Century!

Things happen so fast in this time we live in,
I have heard the phrase, “Oh, that's so five minutes ago!”

How about taking a big step back in time to say
“That's SO last century!”?

The 1950s and the 1960s, to be exact.

Some of us (ahem . . . not admitting anything here, mind you) 
were actually alive back in the old days. And some of you 
were not even a gleam in your parents' eyes yet.

But either way, many of us love the design, the colors, the seemingly carefree life
minus the mid-boggling technology we have today.  Back then, the words
"social" and "media" were never used in the same sentence.
 Cell phones? Tablets? MP3 players?
Even computers were only on the minds of the nerdiest of scientists.

Is this your idea of mom-and-apple-pie?
Maybe not, but the media was starting to make us think
that things would be ideal if we would just spend, spend, spend! 
(Have you ever baked this many things at one time??)

We felt lucky when we upgraded to a color TV.  
(Okay, I admit to growing up in the 60s)

You can still find fabric like this in thrift shops if you're lucky
(or look on Etsy ~ Click the link to see these 50s place mats)

Things went a bit psychedelic in the 1960s.

Whimsical flowers were so mod!

I'm picturing Twiggy in a mini dress made from this fabric.

So, this week, in whatever medium you prefer, design something "Retro".
As you can see, design changed quite a bit from the 50s to the 60s.
So pick the style dearest to your heart.
Create something that takes us back in time!

I've only scratched the surface here with pictures.
The internet is full of ideas on home decor, cars, toys,
travel, fashion, and entertainment from the middle of the last century.
I hope you are inspired by it and will join in the challenge this week!

Start as soon as you like and leave your link here as soon as you can!
But no later than Sunday May 26 which is the deadline.
Most of all ~ have fun traveling back in time!

~ Maggie



peggy gatto said...

Fabulous examples!!!!!

Jennifer Shelby said...

oooh that's a fun one!

Pia Rom said...

your pictures are so much fun...funny fabrics and flowerpower...and of course gorgous your challenge...and because my previous work fits, I have joined in...hope you like it ♥ Conny

Lou Anne said...

Well Maggie, I loved your examples. I couldn't miss this challenge since I have so much "mid-century" knowledge. I'm practically an expert! Thank you for a fun one!

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