Monday, June 24, 2013

The Challenge for June 24-Outfits for all Occasions

We have a very special challenge this week!  One of our special followers volunteered to co-host a challenge.  Jez is a regular participant in the challenges here at Inspiration Avenue.   Let's start with her own autobiographical introduction.

Hello, my name is Jez, and I'm so happy to be your co-host for Inspiration Avenue this week.  If you have seen my blog here, you will know that I love drawing, painting, collage and anything artistic.  Although my major subject for my art degree was sculpture, the fact that I live in an apartment limits this activity.  At the age of 78 I no longer sell any of my creations. I spend my days making art for pleasure and enjoyment, hoping that what I share on my blog gives other people some pleasure too.  It's been fun drawing and painting the examples below to introduce this week's theme of 'Outfits for All Occasions', so be as free as you like with your interpretation of the theme and have fun too.   


Brother and sister teddies have been bathed and dressed in their new nightclothes ready for bed.  I did the drawing on smooth cartridge paper with a brown Pitt Artist's pen, and then painted it in Photoshop.


My drawing of this hopeful young model was created with Pitt Artists pen on white card and the archway painted with red marker pen.  I coloured the floor and yellow wall on Photoshop to get a smooth background to act as a foil for her jazzy outfit, which she chose specially for her visit to the fashion show.  I hope she gets the prize as the best-dressed member of the audience.  The notices on the wall were also added on Photoshop.


Old photographs are so interesting to use in collages and montages.  The sweet bride in her beautiful dress and veil was my husband's mother, Gertrude, on that very special occasion for her and her new husband in 1929.  For the two childhood photographs she has been dressed by her proud parents in her best outfits.


When we went to see the Niagara Falls many years ago, we visited a huge conservatory. A few moments after we entered, a young woman came in, wearing ballet clothes.  She put a tape in her cassette player and danced to the gentle classical music as we watched from a balcony.  Just us and the dancer.  A magical memory.  I painted this imaginary dancer in watercolour, with coloured pencil for the floor.  Here she is, ready to take her place on stage in the leading role.  


     The gorgeous lady in my collage is called Millie.  She's spending her summer holiday at the seaside, and has bought lots of new clothes specially for her trip.  She loves paddling in the sea, but is careful not to let her new two-piece swimsuit get wet.  I drew Millie on the reverse side of an A4 sheet of coloured card, and for her swimsuit I photocopied some fabric I've had for about 35 years. Luckily the pattern on the fabric was just the right size.  Her swimsuit, shiny black hair, gold bracelets and flower were stuck on, and the whole image glued to a piece of A4 blue card, with tissue paper for the 'sea'.  I've written a special tutorial showing how Millie was created.  It's on my blog here.

      I remember the days when young housewives were encouraged to dress perfectly, even for housework, with a pretty apron that could quickly be whipped off if a visitor arrived. This photo of a mother and daughter dressed in their crisp outfits ready for the dusting is from a vintage book called "Gifts You Can Make Yourself - Illustrated".  The picture made me smile and because it reminded me of the film 'Stepford Wives' so I added the mother's words to suit the period.

     I hope you find some inspiration in these examples.  It's going to be fun visiting all your blogs to see what interesting ideas you come up with for the theme "Outfits for all Occasions".




Giggles said...

Oh I love all of these Jez.... from teddy bears, to the model and then Milly!! So fun to see the old photo of your mother in law...and the stepford wife is just too you nailed that one!! We have come a long way baby!! Very inspirational post my dear! Good for you!!

Hugs Giggles

Paper rainbow said...

So much work, such a fantastic trasure trove of talent, Well done Jez!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Mine is a work in progress, Jez. Hope that's OK. Blessings!

Linda said...

what fabulous projects Jez!! Thank you for the fun challenge.

Lou Anne said...

Jez, it was a lot of fun co-hosting a challenge with you this week. I love your examples. The photos of Gertrude were really special because she was part of your husband's family. I love the vivid colors of the ballerina and her rainbow hair too. Thank you for making this week so special!

Maggie said...

Jez, I love all of your examples, especially Millie. She looks like she knows how to have a good time! Also love the wedding photos of your inlaws.

Thanks so much for co-hosting this week...I really enjoyed this theme!

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