Monday, August 12, 2013

This week our challenge is ~Native Arts~

Native Arts
There is such a diverse 
amount of Indian art and it is Beautiful!




A little bit of info I found interesting

The People: Native American Legacy
Native Americans decorated most of their crafts to make them more beautiful. They added color and designs with paint, beads, quill embroidery, and by carving and weaving. Sometimes a design or color was a symbol, that is, it stood for an idea or told a story. For example, among the Crow, the color black was a symbol for victory; arrow symbols might mean a hunt or a battle.
Each group had its own set of meanings for colors and designs to use on ceremonial crafts. These symbols could be drawn on a leather pouch or a drumskin to retell a myth or relate an important event Sometimes the maker of a ghost shirt or some other ceremonial object had a dream that revealed what design to use.
The decorative art on many everyday objects had no special meaning. Sometimes a geometric design might be called "butterfly" because the triangle shapes together on a basket looked like a butterfly. Usually, the only way to find out if a design was supposed to be a symbol with meaning was to ask the maker. Designs that showed people, birds, and animals were usually created by men. Women worked more with geometric shapes.
Color was important to add meaning to a design, too. Most Native Americans named four points of the earth, the four directions of the compass--north, south, east, and west--and assigned a color to each one. Among the Cherokee, north was blue, south was white, east was red, and west was black. Colors could also mean life or death, wax or peace, female or male, night or day. For example, the Navaho thought black represented men and blue, women. The Hopi thought that the color blue was the most sacred and used it to honor their gods. Here are some of the other meanings attached to colors:

Color Meaning for Native Americans
Black night, underworld, male, cold, disease, death
Blue sky, water, female, clouds, lightning, moon, thunder, sadness
Green plant life, earth, summer, rain
Red wounds, sunset, thunder, blood, earth, war, day
White winter, death, snow
Yellow sunshine, day, dawn


Oh I could got a bit carried away with so many neat and different forms of Native art.

This is famous art 
piece by the famous C. Allen Johnson
Direction are on the Right Sidebar!!
It is easy and it is Fun
Come play along!
~Shel IA Team member



Deann said...

A great challenge subject thanks for stopping by...

Linda said...

what interesting art and posting about the colors etc.! Just so happened I went to a drumming circle recently and used my friend's beautiful shaman drum :)

peggy gatto said...

I just uploaded mine....forgot to post last week!!!

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