Monday, September 16, 2013

Woodland ~ Weekly Challenge September 16

To me, one of the most calming places is a quiet forest or woodland area.
There's something hypnotic about the constant gurgling of a fast moving stream.

Autumn is coming for many of us. I'm looking forward to
walks along a forest path covered in crunchy colorful leaves!

Who knows what you might discover as you make your way
along the trail. (Although you have to look closely AND
have a bit of luck to see a fairy house such as this :)

So much life in the woods, but it's easier to enjoy the creatures
through art than it is to spot them on your walk.

The Fae Folk are hiding in the forest too!

This little fellow spends most of his time scurrying here and there,
avoiding bigger creatures who have an appetite for lunch.

Speaking of an appetite for lunch, little girls in red cloaks
should look out for the big bad wolf while walking in the forest.


What treasures can you find on the forest floor?

Halloween is coming!
Why not be unique this year and go as a snowy owl!

What sort of woodland places or creatures are you fond of?
Have you ever noticed Fairy Folk in the forest?
Do you have a place nearby where you can walk or spend quiet time?
Sometimes it's just a "Happy Place" where we can go in our minds.
I'm thinking of a place right now!

The challenge this week is to create and share what
the words "Woodland" or "Forest" mean to you.
As always, any medium is welcome . . . 
photography, mixed media, painting, fiber art, jewelry,
digital art, clay, drawing, sculpture . . . you name it!

Please leave a comment and your link below.
The deadline is Sunday, September 22,
the first day of autumn for us northerners!




peggy gatto said...

your inspiration images are wonderful!!!!!!!

Kat W said...

I just knew this was your challenge Maggie :-) Beautiful post! I love trees and all the natural and magical life that can be found there. If I can, I'll be joining in :-)

Kat Xx

Kat W said...

Maggie - the kids & I both decided to enter something into your challenge this week :-) The kids is a lot more impressive than my attempt (as is often the case) but hey, I tried ;-) and enjoyed :-) Thanks sweetie.
Kat Xx

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