Monday, October 28, 2013

Mustache Art it is!! This week at IA

Have yoou seen them?
They are on coffee cups
In a Jar 
On a purse
In a purse
part of a joke
Or even a
Here are some examples for you too see and get ideas on pulling your Mustaches into your art this week,


 Some fun definitions I found on the web:

A section of facial hair located above the lips. A popular style ith adolescents.  Also called a "stache"

A pillow located on the upper lip used for cushioning falls. Is often confused with beards.

A mustache is an amazing addition to your face. It is the most awesome noun in the universe. Mustaches rule. Mustaches will take you to places unimaginable. There are mustaches on almost every villian in movies. There are pencil mustaches, mustaches like Mario has, moustaches (TEEHEE) ,and the most popular mustache of all, handlebar mustaches.




Wednesday, October 23, 2013

MEET & GREET Please come and meet Niina

Comes to Our 
Inspiration Avenue team
 from Finland

Niina has been painting and creating since she was a  little girl. She has always loved fairies. They are her spirit guides.  She paints lot's of fairies and even named her shop and blog after them. Here is her 

She describes her art Love.. 
"In Finland I basically grew up in the middle of nature and forests. My grandma told me old fairy tales and they just made my imagination fly. Now days I work as an artist and illustrator and also keep courses about art and creativity."
Some of her great creations:

'I added some pictures here. I'm illustrating a book written by my sister. So some of the images are from the book. It's very exiting project. It cherish finnish mythology with fantasy characters such elves, mermaids, fairies, gnomes, pixies, trolls....:) illustrator's dream.

I also love painting mandalas and meditate and praise yoga. I also have few dollhouses. One is "the real fairy chamber". It has paintings made by my artist friends on the wall and fairy dolls are living there
I love cats and animals I even used to volunteer in an animal shelter few years back.  Now I only have on cat. 12 years old boy called Noki. My other cat Pumpuli passed away a month ago. She is always in my heart.  My other hobbies include traveling, reading, playing shaman drum, music, singing (by myself) and collecting 90's toys and board games (now that's a fun fact). You can see pics of my Barbie collection in my doll blog.

Monday, October 21, 2013

It's all about The fight for the Cure!! "PINK"

Join us as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Show us with the color pink in your art.
Our World is full of Good People
People who care always come to help us in our time of need
They show care in their eyes
The love follows through their actions
Never discredit the people on this planet
Because many have hearts of gold
They are willing to bring you a rainbow
After every storm
My mom's knitting group makes these for bra inserts,  they are neat and soft.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Favorite Halloween Art & Crafts

This week, Inspiration Avenue challenges you to post Halloween photographs, recipes, costumes, altered art: anything Halloweeny. 

This is the time to get creative with your stuff, be it scary skeletons or sweet pumpkin smiling faces.  Join in the fun!   Post one or several of your favs and see others who have taken the challenge.  To get you started on altered art and/or photographs about Halloween, here are a few faces and items from Etsy and Pinterest that may pique your interest.

And of course, Charlie Brown wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Link in below and see what others have shared to make this Halloween even more spirited!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekly Challenge October 7

One of my favorite themes . . . faces.
I only had to look as far as my “favorites” on Etsy
to find 53 faces. Here are a few . . . plus some “googled” faces.
As always, click below the picture to visit the artist's site.

Sweet faces

Old faces

Collaged faces


Sad faces
Playing-with-your-food faces

Faces on the street

Blissful faces
There is something about all of these (well maybe not the orange)
that is far beyond what I could hope to paint.
But I enjoy looking at them for the inspiration they bring.

I hope you will find inspiration here to fashion something
for the challenge this week. We'd love to see any type of face 
in any medium ~ whatever your favorite way is 
to portray your favorite kind of face!

Leave your link below by Sunday, October 13 at noon (EDT).
Most of all ~ Have fun!!



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