Wednesday, October 23, 2013

MEET & GREET Please come and meet Niina

Comes to Our 
Inspiration Avenue team
 from Finland

Niina has been painting and creating since she was a  little girl. She has always loved fairies. They are her spirit guides.  She paints lot's of fairies and even named her shop and blog after them. Here is her 

She describes her art Love.. 
"In Finland I basically grew up in the middle of nature and forests. My grandma told me old fairy tales and they just made my imagination fly. Now days I work as an artist and illustrator and also keep courses about art and creativity."
Some of her great creations:

'I added some pictures here. I'm illustrating a book written by my sister. So some of the images are from the book. It's very exiting project. It cherish finnish mythology with fantasy characters such elves, mermaids, fairies, gnomes, pixies, trolls....:) illustrator's dream.

I also love painting mandalas and meditate and praise yoga. I also have few dollhouses. One is "the real fairy chamber". It has paintings made by my artist friends on the wall and fairy dolls are living there
I love cats and animals I even used to volunteer in an animal shelter few years back.  Now I only have on cat. 12 years old boy called Noki. My other cat Pumpuli passed away a month ago. She is always in my heart.  My other hobbies include traveling, reading, playing shaman drum, music, singing (by myself) and collecting 90's toys and board games (now that's a fun fact). You can see pics of my Barbie collection in my doll blog.


Lou Anne Hazel said...

Hi Niina,
We're so glad to have you on our team. Welcome!

Kim Prowse said...

Hi Niina, How so very wonderful you are living your dream. Your work is beautiful. Congratulations with all your illustrations in your book that have developed within you from a very young age.

Linda said...

Beautiful art Niina!! Looking forward to seeing more. I love fairies.

Niina Niskanen said...

Thank you all for the warm welcoming!

Maggie said...

Welcome, Niina! I so enjoy your fairy art. I hope you will love it here at Inspiration Avenue!

Jan said...

WELCOME! Your art is just wonderful! Glad you are part of the team!

Jez said...

Nina's lovely fairy pictures are like fairy tales in themselves, they each seem to tell a story.

peggy gatto said...


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