Monday, October 28, 2013

Mustache Art it is!! This week at IA

Have yoou seen them?
They are on coffee cups
In a Jar 
On a purse
In a purse
part of a joke
Or even a
Here are some examples for you too see and get ideas on pulling your Mustaches into your art this week,


 Some fun definitions I found on the web:

A section of facial hair located above the lips. A popular style ith adolescents.  Also called a "stache"

A pillow located on the upper lip used for cushioning falls. Is often confused with beards.

A mustache is an amazing addition to your face. It is the most awesome noun in the universe. Mustaches rule. Mustaches will take you to places unimaginable. There are mustaches on almost every villian in movies. There are pencil mustaches, mustaches like Mario has, moustaches (TEEHEE) ,and the most popular mustache of all, handlebar mustaches.




1 comment:

Jez said...

A really fun challenge - it inspired me straight away, and I enjoyed myself.

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