Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekly challenge - It's all about myths come and join the fun


                                                      It's all about the myths this week
                                                      World is full with mythologies
                                                      Think about the most famous ones
                                                      The greek, the roman, the skandinavian
                                                       Gods and goddess big, medium and small
                                                       For the mighty mountains for the lake shores

                                                       Artemis with flying arrow
                                                       Athena and the sharp sparrow
                                                       Odin and his runes of wisdom
                                                       Valhalla's mighty rainbow kingdom
                                                       What about those ones you don't know
                                                        Myths of countries far away from home
                                                        Did you know in Finland we have
                                                        Elves taking care of saunas and
                                                         stables and land


What about mythological places?
Wouldn't you like to visit the lost city of Atlantis someday?
Or maybe in a hidden fairy kingdom of Tuatha de Danan?
Wise people of the ancient civilization
Calling you away

Let's not forget the mythological characters.
As a child I saw fairies around me.
Some people do
and I still see.
They are guardians of nature and everything living.

 Don't forget mermaids
Sirens of the sea
They present the unknown
The moon, the sun and how to be free

Unicorns they are mythological animals of beauty and purity 
If you meet an unicorn in your dream
you will be very lucky girl or boy indeed.

Myths we end up telling turn into fairytales
Stories we tell to children
and read from storybooks
with pretty illustrations

Like Hansel and Gretel
it was born already in medeval times
and Red Riding Hood
Clear warning of werewolf tribes

So here is this weeks game
Find a myth that you love
Paint and play

I'm sure you can make up your mind
Just make sure you leave the link on time

Please have your entry before noon
on Sunday  24 (est)

I'll see you soon

and sorry if my grammar is no good
it's not my native language
 I was on a poem writing mood

Thanks for playing



Rachael Farmer said...

Very excited and extremely nervous to take part in your challenge! Hope you like my blog post and art - Thank you for this great challenge - Shroo:)x

see you there! said...

I like all sorts of myths, was hard to choose just one.


Lou Anne Hazel said...

Well Niina, you've done a fabulous job on your first challenge! You tantalized me with the idea of mermaids and Atlantis. Thank you for hosting a fun weekly art challenge.

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